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Eating Healthy Healthy Foods Garlic Vegetables Fruitsyogurtskim Milk Shopping Habitsbutter

Learning to eat healthy is not that hard. It is really just learning to subsitute one item for another. For instance including fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet gives your body vitamins and minerals that it needs. So when you go shopping go to the produce aisle first and pick up a whole lot of crispy fresh edibles. Apples, bananas, apricots, peaches and grapes can take the place of your cookies, muffins, pies cakes and chips. Crispy green peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and even raw green or yellow squash not only go great with meals but make nice afternoon snacks for that hunger tha comes between lunch and dinner.

If you get rid of a lot of the fat products in your life, your going to being giving your heart and arteries a second chance. Opt for olive or soy oil for your cooking instead of vegetable oil or lard, and only eat fried foods once in awhile. Try plain or flavored low-fat or no-fat yogurt instead of butter or margarine on that muffin or toast you just got to have. Replace butter or margarine in your baking with the same amount of unsweetened applesauce. It will make everything taste just as good, will be just as moist and you have cut out a lot of the fat. Also making your own salad dressings out of olive oil and red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar can cut back on the fats and increase your intake of omegas. If you use store bought dressings, put them in a separate dish and just dip forkfuls of your veggies into the dressing. You eliminate a lot of calories and fats by just using what you need and not drowning your salad.

Trim the fat from your meat or buy lean cuts. Bake, broil and steam your foods, especially the meats, because then all the fat cooks out and drips to the bottom of the pan. Opt for ground turkey, fresh turkey breast, chicken breast , very lean cuts of beef and fish. Stay away from the fat bordered pork chops, sausage and breaded, fried foods. If you have to have bacon, get turkey bacon or sausage.

Use natural seasonings instead of all the salt loaded specials on the shelf. Try some garlic and onion powder instead of garlic or onion salt. Use fresh garlic, curry, oregano, chopped onions, fresh parsley and endives to flavor your soups and stews. Buy organic whenever you can.

Buy fresh or frozen vegetables. They are healthier. Frozen vegetables are not cooked, are not loaded with salt and preservatives. They go straight from the field to be frozen instead of traveling for days to different processing plants, and cooked for hours until all the nutrients are gone and then loaded down with preservatives and salt like the canned goods are.

Use skim milk, low-fat yogurt and olive or soy oil based spreads instead of whole milk, puddings, ice cream, margarine and butter. You will be cutting your fat content by over half by switching these items over. Substitute brown rice or beans for your potatoes.

Eating healthy is not all that hard to do, it is just a matter of switching your shopping habits, choosing the right foods, and changing some of your eating habits. Your body will thank you and you may find a whole new world of flavor out there when you make the change.