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Eating Healthy and Cheap

Sacrifices are already being made with your job cut, gas hikes, and credit cards slamming us to the floor. While our savings get smaller we can’t say the same about our bodies. Eating healthy can seem more costly than grabbing a quick item off the dollar menu. However, keep in mind you can still eat healthy while being on a strict budget. It is just a matter of adjusting the way you do things.

While vegetables and fruit normally are more costly than cookies, chips and candy, you can follow some simple rules that will save money and time.

Eggs are very healthy for us containing protein and nutrients that we need. You can make omelets at home for a very reasonable cost. If you don’t have the time to make your breakfast then prepare something the night before. In fact, cooking some of your food for the week in advance can save you money and time. You can always freeze it and reheat.

For the same price you would pay for a donut you can purchase enough broccoli to take it’s place. While broccoli may not sound as appealing as a donut you have to remember you are trying to eat healthy.

Eating at home is essential to eating healthy on a budget. If you eat out and try to eat healthy it will cost too much. The cheap items on the menu are usually the highest fat content and full of the worst stuff.

Bananas tend to ripen very quickly so only purchase as many as you know you’ll be able to eat before they will get too ripe. You can split the bunch apart at the store, they won’t mind. Apples tend to keep well so if you need to save on gas going to the store just grab a couple of bananas and a bag of apples or mixed fruit. Get enough to last you until your next trip to the store and eat your bananas first. You just need to plan your meals ahead of time.

You can purchase whole grained noodles for the same price you would pay for regular noodles. The same applies to any bread product. You just need to read the labels.

Keeping an eye on your portion size is important too. You might be used to those prepackaged frozen dinners that count your calories. It’s time you start measuring your food and counting those calories yourself. You can probably make a healthier meal at home than one of those frozen dinners anyhow.

On the flip side of that you can save money buying the frozen produce and not have to worry about them spoiling. Remember to shop the store brand or generic and use coupons. You can also save money shopping for fresh produce at your local farmer’s market.

With everyone pinching pennies you probably let your gym membership expire. That’s ok, you can save money mowing that lawn and get a work out in your own yard. Make sure you are still getting your exercise even if you have to be creative.