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Eating Clean

It seems that health problems are on the rise and people continue to get sick and require more and more medications. While disease is a part of old age you can maintain better health by eating a natural diet full of vitamins and minerals.

Modern society features many foods that are so processed that they don’t provide the nutrients the body needs to maintain good health. Additives like sugar, salt, and high levels of animal fats help to contribute to expanding waistlines and the prevalence of disease epidemics in society. To get healthy you need to eat healthy foods in their natural state. This is sometimes referred to a clean diet or eating clean.

Raw Food

The bulk of a clean diet should be plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. These raw natural foods are free from processing and will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain good health. Processed fruits and vegetables have additives that do nothing to promote good health. Try to eat these natural foods in season if possible and freeze excess amounts that can be consumed at a later time. If you can afford it organic fruits and vegetables will be best or you can try and grow your own. This natural way of eating is what will help you maintain good health and improve your overall health in the long run.

Whole Grains

Another part of eating clean is to consume whole grain products. White refined flour has been stripped of the vital nutrients and fiber for the most part leaving you with grains that don’t contain the necessary nutrients needed by the body. The fiber in whole grains helps to improve the digestion and eliminate toxic wastes from the body. Replace white rice with brown rice and consume whole wheat pasta. Cereals such as oatmeal make great breakfast alternatives to high sugar processed cereals. Make whole grains a part of your diet for optimal health benefits.

Fish and Essential Oils

Replace saturated animal fats with more fish such as salmon for essential fatty acids such as Omega 3s. Olive oil is another good choice for essential fats and should replace vegetable oil as your main oil consumed. Olive oil can flavor pastas, salads, and other dishes. Nuts and seeds such as flax seed and sunflower seeds can also provide good fats for your body. Be sure to consume nuts and seeds in moderation since they tend to be high in calories.

Plenty of Water

Our diet tents to be high in high sugar drinks like colas and fruit juices. Our bodies will function at better levels if plain water is consumed. Aim for several glasses of fresh water each day and don’t wait until your thirsty to drink. Signs of dehydration include headaches and dark colored urine. Replace your beverages with plain water and see the health benefits. Adequate water intake will also improve your digestion and removal of wastes from your body.

Raw food is key for good health. Avoid processed food and eat as close to nature as possible. Stick with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and essential fats. You can get healthy if you decide to eat clean in your daily life.