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Eat right Diets Fail

Diets fail for many different reasons. The word “diet” alone is enough to make even the strongest woman cringe in disgust! After all, who would actually choose to be dictated to when it comes to food?

For many of us, women in particular, we live such busy lifestyles that dieting takes more time than we can afford to give. Eating fresh and lower fat/calorie foods takes a certain amount of time to prepare. That is, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the luxury of buying it already prepared in the store or buying frozen dinners with calories and fat already counted for you. Not to mention that when consuming fresh foods daily, they must be bought and prepared daily. This almost certainly presents a dilemma for the average dieter. If one is already too busy to follow a diet, preparing fresh foods daily is almost out of the question.

Dieting in itself is not where the failure lies. The ability to continue to follow one for a considerable length of time appears to be the problem. This comes as no surprise if one really gives it some thought. After all, who can live on liquid drinks or a diet that requires one to eat only certain foods all of one day and the next day, another type of food the whole day. As Americans, we have the tendency to carry things to the extreme, and dieting is no different. One diet will say eat lowfat, fats are not good for you, and the next thing we have are people eating so little fat that they are sick from not eating enough of it. Another might tell us eat low carbs. But some carbs are necessary and provide essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need. With our over indulgent natures people seem to throw caution to the wind and forget how to be sensible about their diets. This presents an unrealistic way of eating and why diets have a tendency to fail.

A diet should not consistent of a specialized eating plan that is followed for only a certain amount of time or a plan eliminating any particular food groups. A diet should be a way of life. An eating plan that fits into one’s lifestyle, consists of whole and healthy foods with an occasional sweet to indulge in, and develops good eating habits. The biggest reason diets fail is that people are not realizing that they can lose weight just by eating regular,normal foods in smaller amounts. Building an eating plan that works with your lifestyle and affords you the pleasure of having a food that you enjoy occasionally will be your best bet for success!