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Eat Breakfast

Many people start their day my skipping breakfast entirely or just drinking coffee. The morning meal is the most important meal you can eat during the day and missing it can have consequences you may not realize.

Fuel Up

When you wake up in the morning you have not eaten for several hours. Your body is low on energy and one of the main reasons you feel tired in the morning. When you eat breakfast you give your body the fuel it needs to get you going. If you eat in the morning you will be more alert and focused on what you have to do. If your in school you’ll have better concentration on your school work. Your body needs those early morning calories and skipping breakfast is not a wise decision to make for your overall health. Breakfast provides you with energy to get through a stressful part of the day.

Reduce Overeating

Imagine that you haven’t eaten since 6 o’clock the previous night. You got up in the morning at 6am and had nothing but a mug of coffee. It is 10am at work and someone brings in a giant box of doughnuts. How many of them would you eat? Now take this scenario and play it over several months with treats coming into your office and you have skipped breakfast each day. In many cases you would be so hungry that you would overeat on the treat foods. If you had eaten breakfast in the morning before you left for work you would feel full and be less likely to overeat on the treats in your office. When you eat breakfast in the morning you reduce your desire for excess food over the course of your day.

Maintain Weight

When you eat breakfast you can help your body maintain weight and keep the pounds off. If your full during the morning your less likely to snack on treats such as those in the example. You won’t be as tempted to grab something quick and consume more calories than you should. If you eat a good portion of your daily calories at breakfast your body has a chance to break those calories down and provide you with sustained energy throughout the day. Snacking will be less frequent and you can help yourself to control weight.


Eating breakfast in the morning just makes good sense for your body. You will provide yourself with fuel to get through he morning hours, you will reduce the risks of overeating and even help to control your weight since your not snacking as much due to the hunger of not eating a good breakfast. The next time you think of skipping the morning meal think again and just eat.