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Easy Lunchtime Workouts

Whether you avidly workout or are just starting to exercise, you do not have to take a break from it just because you work all day. There are simple ways to get in a workout during your lunch break.


This is the simplest and easiest form of exercise you can do during lunchtime. Walking requires little effort, zero equipment and is fun. Okay, well it actually does require some equipment: walking shoes. You do not want to walk for an extended amount of time in high heels or expensive wingtips because you can end up with blisters and sore feet. Start your walk by taking your outside and sit and enjoy it in the fresh air. When you are finished, walk around the area close to your workplace. If there is an elevator in your building, do not take it. Instead, walk up the stairs to your floor. You can also do some stair climbing during breaks; walk up and down the stairs a couple of times for a nice cardio workout (don’t forget to change your shoes first).


This is a simple but effective workout that you can do at your desk or in the break room. You can do toe touches, reach for the sky (lift arms straight up over your head) and bend side to side. Caution: be gentle while stretching in order to avoid injury. Make your movements slow and smooth, rather than bouncy or jerky. One suggestion here is to do some research online or ask a professional about short Yoga workouts. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise. A helpful hint: most smart phone app stores have Yoga apps with full instructions and some also feature pictures of the poses as well as videos that demonstrate how to correctly execute the poses.

The gym

If you have a longer lunch break, then you can always head to the gym and hit up the treadmill, stationary bike or other machine for a 15-20 minute session. You want to end your workout with enough time left over to clean up before heading back to work. Before deciding to head to the gym, figure out how far away it is from your workplace and how long it will take to get there and back. You do not want to feel great after a nice workout, only to get back to work and get into trouble for being late!

There is no reason to have to speed through your lunch just to try and get in a workout. You can enjoy your food and then go for a walk around the building or up and down the stairs. As with any form of exercise, do not push yourself too hard and take precautions to avoid injuries.