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Easy Lunch Hour Workouts

Because the average lunch hour is either one-half or one-hour long with a range of start and end times, you probably will need to customize your exercises and establish a routine. But neither the duration nor the time really matters, because no matter your occupation, you can still work in a robust exercise routine if you consider the options available to you.

Plan to walk or run

According to Hippocrates, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” Walking has been termed the king of all exercises; therefore, if you are able to do at least 30 minutes of a brisk fast-paced walk during your lunch hour, you are on your way to reducing your risks of high blood pressure and heart attacks. You will also improve your blood circulation, which is a major plus if your job is sedentary. Safety should always be a major concern; therefore, if you plan to walk, be mindful of nearby areas where either loitering or construction is going on. If you want to increase the heart rate, perhaps you will want to run or speed walk for half an hour.

You might want to purchase a pedometer to count calories and keep track of the steps you walk per minute. A good pedometer will calculate the distance you’ve walked, the calories you’ve burned, the speed you’re walking and the elapsed time. Aim for 10,000 to 11,000, overall, steps per day.

Exercise at desk

Being confined to a desk or computer does not mean you cannot get a good workout throughout the day, preferably on breaks and lunch time. For example, stretching has a plethora of benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing blood circulation and those suffering carpal tunnel syndromes.

It may take up to half an hour to purchase your lunch, but if you plan carefully there are a few exercises you can do to keep you moving such as these isometric exercises that can be done at your desk over time and should yield the same results as you would get in a gym as you will b e exercising a range of muscles. Ten or fifteen minutes of either of these exercises should yield great benefits in just a few weeks.

Work out in your office gym

If there’s a gymnasium on site, there might be a trainer who can help you tailor a routine that works for you, if not, try to determine whether cardiac or isometric exercises will best suit your needs.

With a little effort, you can establish a convenient workout routine during your lunch hour. You should plan to walk for 30 minutes if you have an hour’s lunch, if not there are other exercises that will yield some of the same benefits of walking without ever leaving your desk. Check out all the exercises that are available to you and select the ones that are most convenient and doable. Prepare to be surprised if you keep at them.