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Drug Addiction and Genetics – No

I personally think that drug abuse is a learned behavior. I don’t feel that its genetic. I think that addiction takes hold when someone views its ongoing effects in a family, with peers, or even in the school system and environment. I don’t think its a specific gene that dictates if a person will ultimately be an addict or not.

It seems to me that if a child is raised in a drug household then that poor child grows up to have drug problems. The same can be said of hanging out with the wrong crowd in school. If a teen takes up with friends who use drugs then the teenager starts to use to be like his or her friends. They want to do what they consider to be ‘cool’. And then they get wrapped up in the entire high school drug scene.

Also when an adult becomes wealthy or starts frequenting the club and party scene then they tend to end up with drug habits. We only have to look at the rich and famous to see the truth in these statements. When you take a young person and hand them a small fortune you are asking for trouble. Stick that young person into the club scene with that money and most will end up with some form for drug addiction. Some will get clean and some will give their lives. Just look at the actors of today and the rock stars. This is the demise of many young talented people who end up with money. Its unfortunate but true.

None of these scenarios point to a genetic weakness for drugs. They point to young people with problems who are surrounded by a drug environment. They ultimately give in to weakness.

So as parents all we can do is raise our children with morals and a strict set of values. We need to shield them as much as we can from the drug world but we also need to educatate them on the downfall of drug addiction.

Many people with drug addictions also seem to suffer from mental problems. They suffer from depression that they are trying to escape by using drugs. Or even bi polar disorders. These people seek the high that the drugs give them because they seem to give them the idea that they are normal and not suffering from a mental issue. This is a downward spiral into drug addiction as the depressed person seeks to end their depression through the usage of drugs. Unfortunately, addiction takes over and they loose themselves to the drugs instead of the mental illness.

Drugs in todays society is a problem with no easy answer. Drug addiction is a devastating situation for not only the drug user but also the family and loved ones who must watch the person they care about crash and possibly die from the addiction that commands their lives.
There is no easy answer. But I do feel strongly that drug addiction is not genetic so as parents it falls on us to educate our children and try to end the circle of drug addiction that so many young people find themselves in.