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Drug Abuse Genetic never – No

Not unless you are related to an abuser of drugs, genetically speaking. You can’t always take the blame everyone determines either. Anyone can really be a drug addict: you sometimes don’t even find out until after you’ve learned you are genetically connected. This doesn’t mean one or the other is drug addict. So no, drug abuse sways more to the, no-way genetic side, than it does to the yes. Despite sadly some babies are born because of their mother being one, or some children are raised in a family where drugs are abused.

You, could be the genetic so-called drug addicted crutch in the family blood, though it is not found in your family history. It’s easy to blame one afflicted today too; or find any excuse (except to help them.) A person can be cast out of a family for far less than any drug. Sometimes these very reasons are, that the unwanted member might just kill the pain for a while, because of those who really were in the wrong when judgment was placed on their head,
as the victim.

Some are well to do church going, upright families, where their heritage was no-where else on earth but in heaven. While the soul of their own blood, suffering outside the fold from their family clan’s own sheer righteousness, turned to drugs for the very first time, to numb the feelings of an outcast. Did this family care? Of course they did! (But only for that black sheep’s soul!)

So genetic doesn’t always have anything to do with it. Yet sadly, those who are genetically connected are usually the first to judge the lesser. Those who consider they are not within the drug addicted class, can be very critical. Others, still genetic, who live in very different class ranks and areas, do the same. Yet, is what they do behind closed doors in their upper mansions different, from those related, who live in the lower class?

Are they more exempt because of their privileged position to judge another? Should we all take to living in glass houses so there is no class? Mr. White comes home from the office, goes straight to his cigar box (we won’t mention his addiction: that’s his right and honor,) then pours himself a nice stiff whiskey: (or was it four.?) It doesn’t matter really, he’s been doing this for thirty years now.

That is class, and totally within reason. Certainly not addiction. Although, he can’t wait to get home for his first draw back of his aromatic lung stick, or that very special (actually Bell’s,) Scottish Whiskey. Like his blood it runs in the family. Except his brother’s, who can’t even afford a drink or a cigarette, where he lives. We won’t mention where.

As for the Social Genetic Norm: which bunch are they? Are we looking into the same world, street, shopping area, or restaurant: or where they hang out? I see one lot, well, somewhat overdressed, are off to church. Look! There’s another group sitting in that up-town Classy Restaurant. Lets just get past this cheap milk-bar, and go in to say hello.

Oh: they’re my cousins! They have such a family bond. That wine on the table looks good. Can I have a closer look? This, is not Grand Noir. You what? It’s cheaper, and…OK, you can Bring Your Own. Yes… those caskets are cheaper, and it is true you can drink more for your money. Good old family class. No addicts there. Enjoy! Chow.

Oh no: move over for that bunch of louts on the side-walk. We could have been knocked over. Talk about off their sculls. Smells like sniffers to me. Did you see that one smile at me; his teeth were all green! I wonder where they’ll end up tonight? Probably under a bridge. At least they can’t be charged with illegal substances. It’s only paint. Bet their parents don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of all this judging who’s right and what’s wrong. Whether we should or whether they shouldn’t. I’m out of here. This surveys given me a roaring head-ache. Thank God I’ve got something for it. What’s that? Yes… the pain gets too unbearable on these streets sorting out who’s who in the zoo of addiction.

Genetics is so wide spread I think most of us (sorry, I didn’t mean you, but,) well, most of us anyway, are related somehow. Am I addicted? Never. I just need the tabs for my migraines. No, I don’t know any one at all on the planet like me, so I can’t really speak about anyone else. What’s that? No No; I park off on a bench where-ever I can for the night. And you? Great! What’s it like to have a home and family?