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Dreams and their Meaning to the Individual

Dreams could be said to contain a sort of general meaning that most of us might be able to see, but their real meaning is only ever really revealed to the one that dreamed them.

This article is about dreams, and their real meaning for the individual dreaming them. I have written it using my own dreams as an example of how important our dreams all are for us as individual participants within them.

I usually have around 2 or 3 dreams each night, and even though they appear to be completely different, I try to examine them to see if any links or meanings, cross over somehow between the different dreams. It is surprising sometimes the connections that I can come up with.

Here’s an example from some of my dreams. Both dreams were dreamed in the same night.

I was dreaming that my wife and I, and some other people had been staying in a new house for a few days, and checking on its suitability for us. Apparently this is a sales technique, at least in my dream, that is allowed for prospective buyers before buying it. We have been walking around the shops, and a market outside, and nearby to the house, and we are now back inside the house to pack up our belongings, and then to leave.

We have a few photos on the walls to remove. I have a bad headache in my dream. My wife gives me a large bunch of roses, and asks me to separate it into smaller bunches of only two stems each, and then to tie them together with a roll of cotton tape, she also then gives me, by tearing shorter pieces off from the larger roll. I am trying to do this, but the thorns are awkward, and with my headache, it seems hard for me to do it very neatly. I’m all fingers and thumbs.

In my second dream, I was dreaming that I was outside, and seated at a large bench-like table.

We all had been asked to write our three favourite words onto a piece of paper, as a getting to know you exercise or something like that. I wrote the words love and truth, and I was trying now to think of my third word, when an older man maybe in his 50’s approached me.

He was dressed in a robe, and looking very much like an old time spiritual master. He had rather long hair going down his back, and tied into a pony tail. He was balding on top, and he had a small goatee beard, and a moustache in the Chinese fashion.

I say the Chinese fashion, as it just has a few lonely, wispy, spindly and straggly, but longish looking hairs, all sticking protrudingly out from his chin, and upper lip areas. Oddly enough, the man is dark, and he really appears to me to be Indian, and not Chinese.

The unique technique or interesting part of this exercise is that this master then comes to people, and he holds their right hand, as they speak their mystery words. He then comes to me, and I speak my two words, even as he holds my right hand in his two hands. I look up at his face and into his eyes, and then his face changes for me.

His face seems to become fuzzy, and a bit becoming blurred. It is changing shape as I continue to look at him. His face is looking larger, and the finer details of his features are now all but lost. It’s like that I’m seeing his inner body or something through him, and right into the real him. I feel his hands, and I feel the fear in them and in him, and I know then that he is scared of me.

He knows that I know who he really is. And he knows that I am an advanced person with my own power, and that I have seen what he is actually doing with his technique. He is an advanced guard for the dictator of this place, and a part of the army to round up potential free thinkers, and potential threats to the dictator.

The words reveal the real person. I let go of his hands then, and I walk off amongst the crowd. I see the soldiers of the army coming towards me to get me, as they already are beginning to look for me in the crowd of people. For now though, they can’t seem to see me, or to find me, or to even notice me, amongst the others in the throng of people that are all milling around haphazardly together.

I have blended in invisible to them, amongst them. It seems that this is another skill that I have here in my dream. I then walk to a lift, and there is a girl there going down, but I decide to walk down the stairs instead.

What does this dream mean then? Was the master actually good or bad, I asked myself when I woke up?

These two dreams are both so very interesting for me.

In one I have a headache, and I am rather clumsy. I am not functioning so very well, and I am a bit puzzled and lost by what’s going on, but in the second dream I am an advanced student, and with seemingly higher spiritual skills, and knowledge.

The dreams couldn’t have been more opposite, could they?

Yes, I felt that the master was a Government agent trying to round me up in the dream, and so trying to stop me from spreading my knowledge. The first dream shows me that the advanced knowledge, that I have, will sometimes give me headaches, and also cause me some confusion in my lower mind, but it is all like living in a new house for a few days, before becoming more used to functioning from a higher perspective like this.

The roses are a symbol of love, and they show that my wife is ready for my knowledge and wisdom to be shared to her. The warning is however given to me to be careful, as she wants it in her own way, and only in small amounts. She wants it to be tied up in small bundles or categorised and systemised for her, and to be customised in her own way, for her to best learn what I am trying to explain and to show to her.

This is hard for me to do with my own truth, and the thorns that were a thing of beauty in the larger bunch of flowers, become now a hindrance to me, as I try to package truth in smaller amounts for her.

The tape is representing the connection of inner communication. The meaning here is telling me in a way to tie my truth together, with my own words by, but by using only the right amount of words for that particular amount of truth, and which will tie it or string it together in a way that my wife can better understand it.

My truth wants to break free, and it wants always to be only itself, thorns and all, but with the greater beauty of its flowers always remaining visible as well. The thorns are the sticking points that allow my truth to penetrate deeper into me. I still need to further realise the need to be careful around truth, because it actually can prick others with its sharpness, if they are not ready for it.

Truth always has its own defences to maintain its truth as truth. Truth must stay attached to its own integrity, and always act to keep its purity all still pure, within love. Truth is in fact secondary to love, and we should love others before we foist our truth onto them. sometimes the greater love is not even to go ahead and to do this, unless they ask us for our opinion.

We all have similar defences, and this is a part of our own path to tread with love accompanying us every step of the way. We should not try to push our defences towards others, but we should more only just use these inner defensive strategies, more only to protect our own selves.

We need to buffer ourselves when other people are trying to test our truths, and sometimes for their own clandestine reasons of trying to trap us, or endeavouring to trick or mislead us in some way.

Life tests us by misleading us, and initially allowing us to feel lost and out of our depth sometimes. This happens until we are pricked awake by the thorns of truth, that always accompany its beauty, as in the rose example from my dream.

We are tested in this way to enhance our understanding and experience of truth, from all possible angles. My dream is showing me that no enemy can get near me when I operate from love, and from out of my own truths.

After these dreams were all finished, I was left wondering then, what was my third word actually going to be?

Maybe if I think deeply enough, it will come out from me, even as I continue to learn from life, and from my dreams.

What goes alongside with truth, and love?

Responsibility, my friends, and which also always leads on to wisdom. This all happens when you learn, and hold, and appreciate responsibly your own truths, within your own love.

What was my third word? I think it was going to be love, truth and ……. ?

Well, I don’t really know, it will probably take another dream to reveal it to me. Dreams can be rather annoying sometimes, can’t they?

They reveal a little at a time, as we become ready to learn, and to accept what is being shown to us by us, or from our higher self, or from God. Who really knows, I tend to think myself that some combination of all of these sources are at work for us within our dreams.

I have this opinions because sometimes what I am being shown seems to be a higher truth than what I could ever have known, just obtained from my own earthly knowledge and from my life experiences. It feels to me to be sometimes being revealed to me from a source that seems to be coming from a far greater truth than what I could ever possess all within myself.

There is probably one other point that I can take away from these dreams.

My third word will be revealed to me when I am good and ready, and I should let go of wanting to know it now.

Why stress over what is not revealed?

I should rather rejoice over what has been given to me as a message that I should respect, and that I probably need to first listen to here. All must take place in steps, and each step is preparation for the next step. Nothing can be revealed to us, until we are ready for it to be revealed. The master, who is really only ourselves, only ever appears to us, when we are ready to meet him.

I, myself am often guilty of discounting what I have already gotten, been already given, or already possess. I put this learning aside in the pursuit of even more greater truths. I like most people, I suppose, am never ever fully satisfied or contented.

These dreams are teasing me a bit, but they are trying to implant this most valuable of lessons to me.

Why do most dreams treat us as the main player, and hero within them? Are they really only meaningful to the dreamer and the individual, or not?

Knowing yourself is the first step towards knowing God. God and his oneness of love connects you to himself, and God takes you back into his state of oneness within your dreams. In this sense, your dreams are for all life, and are benefitting all people, and all souls, and all of the oneness.

You as an individual are never separately individualised, but remain as a part of oneness. Your dreams then reveal oneness to you and your role within it, and which is all about how to go back, or to return to this oneness, by letting it more fully live in you, as love.

Love rains on all of your dreams only ever to help you grow into the person that you really are, and can be. Every individual has a vital role to play to show God to himself through his own parts. Every part shows God something new about himself. The oneness becomes infinite, and the infinite is always returning to the oneness within dreams, and within life.