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Don’t Dump Medicine in Toilets

What is to be done with unused medicine no longer needed? Leave it in the medicine cabinet indefinitely, or toss it in the trash, flush it down the commode, or is it none of above. None of the above is the right answer. A national Take Back day, September 25, is being set aside by DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) to take back expired and no longer used drugs. Is this folly and just another way to clutter up the calendar? No. Disposing of drugs, once thought to be easily disposed of by flushing them down the toilet, is no longer recommended. The drugs have been showing up in drinking water.

This is not acceptable. Neither is it acceptable to leave potentially harmful medication in medicine cabinets where children or others can potentially be harmed. Besides, who wants a cluttered medicine cabinet? What then is the best way to participate in this medicine Take Back day? “Sites will be established throughout the country”, according to the DEA report. The collection time will be from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon.

What kinds of medication will be accepted? All prescription drugs , liquid, prescription, capsules, pills will be accepted anonymously. That’s all. No needles, no intravenous solutions will be accepted, neither will marijuana or methamphetamines be accepted. How does it work? In other words how does one know where to drop off their unwanted drugs, and what is the accepted procedure?

Check with DEA online and follow their guidelines. They ask those who have drugs to dispose of to check in, give their zip codes and find the nearest drop-off sites. It is important to check back often as new drop off sites are being added every day.

What prompted this move? Drug abuse is out of bounds. It is fast becoming the number one problem facing the US, and this is just one attempt to deal with the problem. Why allow medication that is no longer used to remain in medicine cabinets and pose threats to others who may be in search of such drugs. It is, when seen in this way, a step forward in correcting the drug abuse problem.

Drug abuse is in the news daily, drug advertisements have taken over the airways, and drug talks and crimes committed because of their influence has rocked the nation for years. How then can this country, or any country sit idly by and allow such a disastrous event to occur? They cannot, and it is time that everyone who potentially may be harmed by this rampant drugged society, to start educating the public about the hazards of expired drugs.

Get involved in the cleanup of medicine cabinets, water ways, and the minds and bodies of people everywhere, see that unused medicine is disposed of safely.