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Do States have a Constitutional right to Set Health Care Policy – No

No – Simply because it is one step closer to socialized health care – which is something that sounds attractive to some, but it is yet another mechanism by which big brother erodes our basic freedom to choose for ourselves and our families. States already set health care Policy; vaccination mandates, Public health quarantines, and such invasive measures as criminalizing the choices of those who would seek out alternatives to generally accepted health care Practices. And while health quarantines may be a necessary evil, why is it that the government has taken it upon themselves to tell Parents that they will adhere to certain health Practices, yet they wash their hands of any liability should their “Prescription” Prove fatal? Keep in mind, readers, that they directives are dictated to you by the same Powers that be that have brought you such raging successes like the DMV, and toll roads (viva la Illinois)!

To further extend the reach of the state Powers in regards to directing health care is tantamount to an admission that we, the taxpayers who (involuntarily) feed this ever-approaching-critical-mass monster that we are simple lemmings, incapable of choosing for ourselves. As it is, the Public mind-washing campaigns that most states have heaped on the constituents has been by and large successful. People are entirely too trusting of the Government simply because it’s easier to accept their version of “truth” than it is to search it out unaided by Uncle Sam’s 50 mischievous children. This surely was not what our founding fathers intended. America was founded by thinking men who envisioned generations of free thinkers carrying forth their legacy in Perpetuity. How horrified would they be to learn that while they took great Pains to limit the Federal government, their offspring chose to instead hand over-lock, stock and barrel- an even greater amount of Public control to the states? I would assert that they would feel utter disgust.

It’s time People awaken and realize that we are giving away our freedoms every time we stick our thumbs up our backside and let a few decide what cookie-cutter solution will be made to fit us all. People keep accepting that because they said so, we should just keep drinking the Kool-Aid; but each sweet sip carries a heavy Price! Failure to recognize that this is taking Place is the first -no Probably more like the 1500th – step down a slick road that ends somewhere where all are shuffled along into the Precise life that Big Brother decides you will live. If you think it’s not Possible, revisit the history of Communism – it was a slow but steady erosion.

A better Policy is to encourage People to educate themselves and choose what best fits their family’s needs. Let’s bring back free thought- in and of itself it’s a healthy lifestyle.