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Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

Have you seen the electronic cigarette advertised? They are now advertising it as a healthy habit! You probably have as it is all over the airwaves and print media. But now the latest is that there could be cancer-causing ingredients in them. Anyway, I decided to try it…

I went to my local tobacco shop and bought one. For a bit under a hundred dollars, the electronic cigarette comes with what is basically a plastic cigarette that is charged in any outlet. It also comes with a box of five cartridges that attach to the plastic cigarette. These cartridges are filled with a fluid that contains nicotine and some sort of fluid that produces a vapor when you smoke the cigarette. This vapor is not smoke, it doesn’t smell like smoke and you don’t use a match to light the cigarette. All you have to do is puff on it, and exhale as you would a regular cigarette and a vapor which is odorless and tasteless comes out. And that is where the problem lies, at least for me!

You can go on the website for these things and watch someone “smoke” one of these electronic cigarettes. What you see is vapor which looks like smoke being exhaled from the person. The person draws on the cigarette and out comes a vapor. But when I tried it, the first puff produced a vapor and succeeding puffs produced nothing! Nothing was coming out, so I thought that I hadn’t charged the device long enough. I recharged it which takes a few hours, and the same thing happened. The first puff was fine, but every other puff nothing came out. Now if you smoke, you know that that is half of the reason why you smoke, for the exhalation process. In fact, a study was done where they put a person in the dark, gave them a cigarette and told them to smoke. The person was not satisfied, as smokers want to see the exhalation produced. It is a psychological thing, but it makes sense. The process of smoking is not just consuming the nicotine, which is a lift, but everything else that goes along with it. The lighting of the match or lighter, the process of raising the butt to your lips, and actually smoking and “watching” the smoke come out. That is the satisfaction that smokers get. The electronic cigarette only achieves half of that process, if that.

Maybe if you are on a long plane flight and need that nicotine “fix” then this product might help. But for a substitute for smoking? Not for me, unfortunately.