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Do Doctors Prescribe too many Drugs

In reading this question, I felt compelled to write to it and explain my feelings since I have obviously gone to many different doctors, all ranging from ones who just sit there, and doing nothing for you, or to the others who love to prescribe medications. I have to say, that overall, I think that yes, some doctors are too quick to give out medications without really getting to the bottom of the problem the person is having.

Take my mother’s experience. She was having a peculiar heart arrhythmia one day that wouldn’t stop. It went one for a few days before she called this doctor on her Medicaire list. So she goes to see this doctor the very next day and he pulls out his stethoscope and listens to her heart after hearing her complaint. When he heard the irregularity in the heart rhythm, he was like a kid in a candy store, and said, “Oh there it is, there it is!” He then proceeded to give her this strong beta blocker which had these terrible side effects and obviously was not the right drug. She had a very bad reaction to it, and come to find out later, this same doctor that she saw was dealing drugs. That is one example of very bad doctoring, and not only that, but what he was doing in the first place dealing drugs.

I have diabetes, but getting the right doctor to treat it was very difficult. The doctor I had at the time, was not willing to give me medication even though it had been diagnosed through the lab three times. Though I lost weight and exercised as he said, my blood glucose kept right on going up and up. He would not prescribe any pills when he could have, especially when I had foot infections twice, urinary tract infections, and everything else. I changed doctors finally when my doctor at the time did nothing for me. When I changed over, the next doctor saw my diagnosis three times of diabetes, and put me right on several diabetes pills. That is an example of a doctor before him, who was either lazy, or incompetent in knowing how to treat my diabetes. My diabetes improved at that time when I was placed on these medications which all worked together to lower my blood sugar.

So it all depends upon which doctor you are going to, and his experience in treating people. There are some like my mother had, that could have lead to disaster, and then there are some who wait too long to do anything until complications set in from a problem. When you find a doctor who does the right testing, looks at the whole picture of symptoms and the patient’s history, this is the type of doctor that is ideal.