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Do Celebrities Influence Teens into Taking Drugs and Alcohol

Substance abuse is destroying the lives of thousands of people who are ignorantly being influenced by celebrities who enjoy their own addiction to substance abuse. Even with the sudden and tragic deaths of so many of these celebrities such Amy Winehouse, these influenced people will continue in their ignorance.

While Amy’s family and close friends are grieving their loss of a warm-hearted friend, the world is focusing on one fact; her addiction to substance abuse that slowly destroyed her career and seemingly took her life. The media is still publicizing her tragic downfall caused from the drugs and alcohol, and yet, this will not stop the celebrity influence on teen substance abuse.

Amy Winehouse is only one of thousands of young people who have fallen into the clutches of this destructive and addictive killer. There are far too many parents who live through this very same tragedy of losing a child to drugs or alcohol. And there are far too many young people being drawn into this world of horror because they are following their favorite celebrities who also engage in these substances.

It’s time that we took action to stop this celebrity influence and teach our kids to not follow them.

These abuses are addictive and tormenting, and parents need to be aware of everything their children are doing so that they don’t run towards this dark tunnel. They need to work hard and steer them away from it, warn them against it and get involved with their lives and love them so much that they don’t want it.

While some users are simply there because of temptation, many are there to become one with their celebrity idols. And the influence of these celebrities – especially musicians – carries a lot of force with those who need to escape the reality of this world. They see the deception of happiness and crave for it so they can be like the one they adore. But sadly, as we’ve learned from Amy and from dozens of other young musicians, these substances not only give these victims that lethargic escape from the real world around them, but they give them a false confidence that everything is going to be okay.

And so after a while as they become less able to face the real world, they become more dependent on these deceptive aids to help them get through life. Their lifestyle changes to be like others who live this same deception; a life of torment and loneliness, and one that only leads to sorrow. And with this mask over their eyes, these young people cannot see that the celebrities they’re following are also slowly dying.

Unfortunately, many of us have accepted substance abuse as the norm in the “celebrity world” and we’ve come to expect new risers to get on the substance train. We relax in the concept that this is their destination and leave it alone because this is what this generation of stars does; and we ignore them even though our kids are caught up with them.

But the parents are being deceived, as well, because they don’t realize that celebrities have a tremendous influence on our young people. Many parents let their children experience life on their own and follow their own celebrity ideals just as they did, and relate it to part of growing up. But they ignore the fact that the influence of these celebrities they idolize often draws their children into the same substance abuse.

Amy Winehouse should still be alive and giving the world a dose of great music, but instead, she’s gone because of a lifestyle that led her to destruction. She’s now a statistic in the world of dead entertainers. But it won’t stop with her unless parents take action and do something to put an end to this horror.

Parents need to get involved with their children and stay involved until they’re mature, and they need to teach them to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Encourage them that life is valuable and wonderful. Be active in their lives and don’t just let them do their own thing because it’s part of growing up in this life. If Amy could speak from the grave she’d likely say that it’s more like part of dying young.