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Discussing the Safety of Blood Transfusion Practices in African Hospitals

Unsafe method of blood transfusion is wrecking lot of lives and families in some African states.Unethical practices of blood infusion and transfusion is contributing immensely to then growth of the spread of HIV/AIDS amongs African children.

In Nigeria the most populous black nation for instance,unsafe blood transfusion still account for more than 15% avenue for contacting the HIV/AIDS as well as other blood related diseases. The Nigerian National Blood Transfusion Service { NACA} made conclusions that more than 80% of blood collected and transfused in Nigerian hospitals were not properly screened .

A year old girl who was delievered in a private hospital in Lagos in November 2005 was referred to a government owned hospital in 2006 for the treatment of Jaunidice.The public hospital had to make blood transfusion from its blood bank to save the life of the little girl .The conditions of the girl became worse after she was treated for Jundice and a blood test conducted afterward revealed that she was HIV positive.The case became more complicated when a series of tests conducted on her parents revealed t hat none was positive to the virus.

The case generated a lot of public concern.The panel set up to investiga ehte issue later recommended the the chief medical director of the hospital should be sent on a terminal leave while four other management staff were demoted.
Another case was that of another one month old baby in a city in the south-western part of Nigeria.The one month old baby was expected to be treated of diarrhea.The medical attendant handling the treatment allegedly forgot to remove the tape used in locating the baby’s vein on her right wrist.This avoidable mistake resulted in a complicated blood-flow.The baby later lost his life as a result of this.

There are other several cases in hospitals in South Africa, Zimbabwe,Malawi,Congo Republic, Tanzania and many other West African countries where inproper blood screening and unsafe blood transfusion were being carried out. In most cases, these kind of messy situations occur in countries where there are no well organized procedures for handling blood-related issues.

Today, Africa is being ravaged by HIV/AIDS,malaria,Tuberculosis because of conterminations which are not being detected during improper blood screening procedures.
On the other hand,most elites in Africa do not even patronize the best hospitals in Africa, they rather go for even the simplest ,medical check-ups in European hospitals. There are reports of some rich Nigerians who travel to United Kingdom or the United States just to treat themselves of Malaria or other minor medical problems because no one has the minutest trust in African hospitals anymore.

This should be the best possible time for the world to rise to the challenges of unethical blood screening and blood transfusion practices.It will safe millions of lives and also the huge amount of health-financial aids being sent to poor African countries on yearly basis.