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Discussing the Safety Aspects of Sugar Substitutes

Today everyone is looking for the low carb, low calorie fix. Did you ever wonder what is really in these sugar substitutes and if they are safe for human consumption?

Bet you didn’t know that sucralose, the ingredient in Splenda does contains real sugar and also contains arsenic. (Yes, poison!) Maybe a few carbs isn’t such a bad thing after all.

What about Equal? No arsenic in aspartame, which is found in Equal and Nutrasweet. Unfortunately, it does have substances that turn into formaldehyde in your body. The disturbing part is that most of the “reduced sugar” cookies, cereals, etc. that many people buy for their kids is full of aspartame.

Unfortunately, saccharin is a known carcinogen, so the pink packets are just as dangerous as the blue and yellow ones.

Although probably better for you in very small amounts, refined white sugar is processed and has chemicals and toxins in it as well.

Nature provides us with raw sugar, maple syrup, black-strap molasses and honey. These are all healthy sweeteners that are good for you in moderation. They add no chemicals or toxins into the body.

If you are looking to watch your weight, there are natural and safe sugar substitutes available to American consumers, but many people are just not aware of it.

Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from trees in Africa and has no calories. This stuff is actually good for you! Stevia is sold in little green packets for your coffee and tea, as well as in other forms. It even contains added fiber for your diet.

There is also Xylitol, another natural and safe sweetener. You can bake with it, pour it in your coffee, etc. Xylitol is a cavity fighter and can be found in many of the organic toothpastes. (Check the label on your toothpaste at home.)

We as consumers must become more educated on diet sodas and low calorie foods. It is time we demand more from the large corporations and manufacturers looking to save a few dollars at the expense of our health.

There is hope. Now that you have the knowledge, you can decide what you want to put in your body. I have heard that one of the major cola companies is working on a new line containing Xylitol instead of aspartame.