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Dieting Doesn’t Work

There are many diets today that don’t work to benefit the dieter. I will try to list a few which may cause unwanted affects for you.

1) The crash diet.

The crash diet consists of taking away all of the things you love such as carbs and sugar, fat and calories. Usually people will try a crash diet because they procrastinated all winter and want to lose some weight in time to hit the beach.

Now, just for a moment, think of how a bear loads up on food before they hibernate, that is essentially what you are doing when you start a crash diet. You have loaded up during the holidays and put your body into hibernation mode. Skipping meals can actually cause your body to gain weight. The diet forces your metabolism to slow down so that when you finally do eat it stores more if the food in preparation for the hibernation ahead.

2) The low fat diet.

This diet consists if eating everything that is low fat. It has been proven to drop a few pounds temporarily but once again it shifts the bodies metabolism so that it makes due with what you are giving it. Once your body adjusts you won’t lose more weight unless you starve yourself some more. This is very hard on your body. It shocks your system.

3) The no carb diet

The no carb diet is another one people like to try to lose weight. The downfall of this diet is that you start to crave things like bread and noodles. The body needs a variety of foods to function correctly.

The best way to lose weight is something I wouldn’t call a diet. It’s exercise and portioning.

You can eat very similar amount, but instead of three large meals, try five smaller meals. Eating smaller meals increases the productivity of your metabolism by not allowing it to slow down. You’re working it non stop.

The key to any weight loss is definitely exercise though. A little exercise never hurt anyone.

So if you’re thinking about dieting maybe you should think twice. Remember everyone is different and should consult a doctor before making a drastic change in their lifestyle.

Health is the most important thing. Looks are overrated.It doesn’t really matter if you watched everything you ate your whole life to stay thin, if that’s the thing that killed you. Eat a balanced diet daily and you should be just fine.