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Diet Traps to Avoid when Dining out

If you are on a diet, then you may feel limited in what you can eat when you dine out with friends or family. However, some people are often inadvertently lured into diet traps which result in them breaking their eating habits without just cause to do so. Such is the dangers of eating out and you will no doubt regret it later on. Of course, you do not have to be lured into diet traps when eating out at all. Here is a short guide which will help you spot and avoid food traps when dining out with friends and family so you can avoid the post-meal guilt and keep to your diet plan effectively.

“I’ll have whatever you have”

When you dine out with friends and family, you may feel a bit silly ordering what you really want, especially if you are trying to stick to a salad diet and everyone else is having the steak and onion rings. One of the biggest diet traps at all for anyone trying to shed a few pounds is the “I’ll have whatever you have” trap, because chances are the people you are dining with will not be dieting at all, thus resulting in you breaking your diet. Just order what you are comfortable ordering and do not feel obliged to order what the other person is having just to fit in.

“Do you want a drink with that?”

Beverages often found when dining out are usually calorific. If the people you are dining with are having an alcoholic beverage, or the waiter offers you a complementary glass of wine, just refuse it. These drinks are full of calories and one almost always leads to another, and another. If you are on a diet, do not be lured into the drinking diet trap. Stick to a glass of water or a diet soda and keep refusing the alcoholic beverages. If you opt for a hot drink such as tea or coffee then go easy on the cream and sugar or avoid putting any in at all.

Diet tips for buffet dining and seconds

If you are on a diet then one of the worst things you can do is dine out at a buffet. Buffets are usually quite expensive and in order to get your money’s worth, you basically have to eat lots of food. Much of the food found in the buffet will not be suitable for your diet and even if it is, you will still have to consume excessive amounts of what is good for your diet in order to get your money’s worth, which in turn automatically makes it bad for you. Just avoid dining out at buffets if possible. Avoid non-fruit desserts and always turn down seconds. These cheeky traps will try to catch you off-guard, so be on-guard at all times and have the will-power to turn them down!

Dining out can seem more of a chore than a luxury if you are on a diet because of the sheer amount of planning and grief that can be stemmed from it. However, it is perfectly possible to enjoy dining out when you are on a diet as long as you have the will-power and the know-how to spot and avoid diet traps that could ruin your diet and weight-loss plans. Eat what you want and what your diet allows, not what the other people in your party are having. Avoid alcoholic drinks and calorific drinks in favour of water and try to avoid attending buffets, enjoying seconds and consuming calorific desserts even when they are all on offer. At the end of your hellish dining out experience, you will have plenty of discipline skills under your belt that you can be proud of, thus meaning you can enjoy dining out with friends and family as and when your funds allow without fear of ruining your hard work and your diet plan.