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Diet Programs Reasons why Weight Watchers Changed the Points System

Weight Watchers point system has certainly changed the formula and way that Weight Watchers had worked since 1997. Budgeting and tracking food intake was relatively simple, one made healthier eating choices and lost weight successfully without the need to count calories. Weight Watchers members were happy and very contend. Then Weight Watchers changed things and a myriad of people were and still are, questioning the reasons for the change to what they deemed a highly successful point system.

Weight Watchers CEO was very eager to explain the facts behind the change, focusing on the many changes to technology as well as scientific progress. Apart from these changes, the understanding of food, dieting and weight loss is much greater these days. Weight Watchers adjusted the points system to adapt to these advancements. The original Weight Watchers formula was predominantly calorie based. Incorporating penalties for fat intake and rewards for dietary fibre intake.

But with more scientific knowledge, they now take carbohydrates, fats, fibre and protein into account. Add to that, the thermic effect of foods in regards to the actual amount of energy which is required to digest and process foods. Weight Watchers members, now have more on the points plus plan than they did previously. Bonus points have risen to 49 points per week and those watching their weight, can now eat as much fruit and vegetables as they want to.

Weight Watchers have helped a myriad of people to obtain successful weight loss over many years. Yet the new points system certainly highlights the flaws of the original weight loss program. Now there is a whole lot more focus on the nutritional value of foods in comparison to the caloric values of the old program. An apple was once 1 point and so was chocolate. But little focus on these foods was placed on nutrition. As long as one paid attention to the allowable points they were doing things right.

The new points system has chocolate containing more points than an apple and that is a far more reasonable system. Food options are much healthier and so much more nutritional, full of protein and fibre which helps burn more energy in regards to digestion. Up to 25% more in fact, even if they do have the very same calorie rate. Focus is also placed on more filling foods with higher levels of protein and fibre content. This helps reduce hunger cravings and the to cheating to feel fulfilled.

Whilst fruits and vegetables do contain calories, they are filled to the very brim with vitamins and minerals and this contributes to better health. Now the ‘eat as much rule’ will maximise a person’s general health. Yet one does need to be rational and remember that sound judgement is necessary, in order to not interfere or slow down weight loss efforts. The new Points Plus Program has a much better focus on health and nutrition. This is very obvious and very pleasing to those wishing to lose weight.

Yet the basic fundamentals have not changed the components of the Weight watchers system. They’ve been far too successful over the years to change. Weight Watchers still focuses on support groups, exercise, meetings and points, they’ve simply made it all a whole lot better. The benefits to their members has greatly increased and that’s a plus in anyone’s eyes. Choosing and portioning food is even easier now.

But current members of Weight Watchers who have become accustomed to the original guidelines, may need to come to terms with the adjustments. But this will be relatively simple. Unfortunately, they may be penalized for many of the foods they once enjoyed. Their eating freedom will know new limitations. It is said that a host of old members resisted the new adjustments and Weight Watchers did face some negative feedback. This is understandable, members faced the difficulty of estimating points differently and giving up foods which were once deemed acceptable.

Yet most members have expressed appreciation for the better nutritional guidance of the new system. The new Points Plus plan, offers much more flexibility. Fruit and vegetable eating is encouraged more. Though members still focus on limiting the intake of processed foods. One can indulge in their favourite foods occasionally without feeling as though they have done anything wrong. The new Points Plus plan is a far more realistic approach to losing weight while being so much healthier.

There are a host of wonderful success stories which are focused on the Weight Watchers Point Plus Program. This highlights the fact that Weight Watchers certainly know exactly what they are doing in regards to healthy weight loss.