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Diet and Exercise

If you are looking at losing weight then it is important to remember that you need to look at changing both your diet and your levels of exercise. You cannot expect to lose a substantial amount of weight if you don’t lower your calorie content and up your exercise levels.

It is important to change your diet so that you are consuming less calories and fat on a daily basis. This helps you to stop storing unneccessary calories in your body which turn to fat and make you put on weight. It’s important that when you do change your diet that you make sure you have a healthy level of nutrients still though as this can lead to some serious health problems. If you cut out fats entirely then you can actually give yourself heart failure as some fats are ‘good’ fats which are needed to help keep cholestral levels safe. It is also important to keep a good amount of vitamins in your diet so as to help you with absorbing foods and also to reduce your chances of mood swings and depression.

So once you have established a healthy diet you then need to look at what exercise you are intending to do. The reason for needing to have an exercise regime at the same time is dieting is that it works together to help the weight come off. Any calories you consume need to be burnt off else they will stay in your body and lead to weight gain therefore whatever you consume you have to burn in order for weightloss to occur.

If you only do one without the other then you are fighting a losing battle. Initially you may begin to lose a few pounds a week but over time you will find that you aren’t able to lose anything and in some cases you may actually begin to start putting weight on.

Exercise is vital whilst dieting but it’s important to remember that you can not just drop your daily calories dramatically and begin exercising excessively else you can do your body some serious harm; your body will begin to cling to fats already stored on your body as it goes into starvation mode due to lack of calories. This then means that the body begins to lose weight by tissue damage instead of by losing fats. It is therefore very important that whilst you have upped your exercise regime you are still taking in enough calories to fuel your body through this.

Excerising works very well with a healthy diet as the unneccessary calories which you have taken in will be burnt off and you will find that you are able to lose weight. If you do one without the other then weightloss with be very slow or may not happen at all. It is an important balance which you must maintain; exercise and a diet that’s wise.