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Diabetes Myths

Every disease brings its own myths with it and it is no different with diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t have to mean that life is over as we knew it but it will take some adjustment towards a new style of living. Diabetes is a serious disease and you need to pay attention to it in order to keep living a healthy life. Here are some common myths about diabetes.

There are three types of diabetes which are type 1, referred to as juvenile diabetes which is usually insulin dependent and are usually contracted at an early age or you can be born with it. Type 2 diabetes where the onset comes when you are an adult and gestational diabetes which you contract during pregnancy. The only diabetes that there is a possibility of it not staying is gestational diabetes which can stay or leave after your baby is born.

Diabetics can’t have sweets

Diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise but most people believe that once you’re a diabetic you can’t have sweets. This is a myth and if you have contracted diabetes your diet certainly has to change. By eating a well balanced meal such as a low carb meal you certainly can enjoy a sweet after your meal but it must be done in moderation.

Sugar causes diabetes

This is another myth, sugar does not cause diabetes. It is not known for sure what causes a person to get diabetes but researchers lean towards the life style you live or by genetics. The levels of sugar found in your bloodstream are not the same as the sugar you use to sweeten things. By eating too many sweets you can become overweight which in turn can raise the risk of getting diabetes. The other way that’s suspected of people developing diabetes is that it is inherited from the parents. If your family has a history of diabetes then the risk for you having it is that much higher and all the more reason for you to change your eating and exercise habits now.

Diabetics have to have a special diet

This is another myth. If you’re eating healthy already, you may not have to change your diet very much. The facts are that the same diet is used in both healthy eating without diabetes as it is when you have developed it. If you are already eating things such as whole grains, lean protein combined with healthy fruits or your diet is low fat then you are already eating what a diabetic diet would be. You also have to watch your intake of salts and sugars.

Diabetes is transmittable

This has got to be the biggest myth of all when people think you can catch diabetes. Diabetes is not contagious. Although type 2 diabetes can be passed down through family it is done so from the genetics of the family not by family members catching it.

Only one type of diabetes is dangerous

This is not true. Any type of diabetes is serious with perhaps juvenile diabetes being the worse. Diabetes happens when the pancreas becomes incapable of converting glucose from food to energy. The causes for this to happen can be many and all diabetes requires well balanced meals and exercise to counteract the effects of the diabetes and help process the food properly.

All diabetics need insulin

Some people think that if you have diabetes you have to have insulin. This is also a myth. There are quite a few people with type 2 diabetes that never require insulin. There are other medications in tablet form on the market that can help control diabetes and some people even control this by diet and exercise alone. Insulin is only given when the pancreas fails to process the food, don’t make enough insulin on its own or can’t use the glucose that’s given.

A person can’t do anything to prevent diabetes

This is only a myth. There are steps that can be taken to guard against diabetes and you can start with your own treatment plan at home by eating properly and exercising daily. Other symptoms that go with diabetes are high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. If these are kept under control you are also taking steps to avoid diabetes. Eating properly and exercising can also prevent nerve damage that comes with diabetes and kidney failure. These are just a few steps that can be taken to help prevent you from becoming diabetic.

You have to be overweight to get diabetes

Weight is no assurance that you will have diabetes. People that have diabetes can be skinny or overweight although if you have diabetes, now is a good time to change your eating habits and get your weight under control. When you invest in a good healthy eating plan and exercise you are prolonging the onset of diabetes and the complications that accompany diabetes.

Diabetics shouldn’t exercise

This is certainly a myth. Exercise is very important to people with or without diabetes. In fact it can play a key role in prolonging the effects of the complications that arise from diabetes. The key to controlling diabetes is exercise and healthy eating. Regardless of the age of a person with diabetes they should have a good exercise plan in mind as a daily routine. It is unbelievable how well this works for a diabetic. I have personally seen the difference how healthy eating and exercise as kept my diabetes at bay for a long time now.

Diabetes can become a big problem if it’s not handled correctly. Some people think they can just have a little diabetes but either you have diabetes or you don’t. Eating healthy and exercising is one way of prolonging diabetes or working towards it not happening to you. Some people think they are doomed if they get diabetes but this is far from the truth.

You will certainly have to change your lifestyle but you are far from giving up, in fact you may find yourself in better shape than you ever were if you follow a good diet and exercise plan. Being informed is also a good way of combating diabetes along with forgetting the common myths about diabetes.