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Diabetes how to Prevent Diabetes Low Carb Diet Insulin Resistance

When someone develops diabetes their body no longer makes or uses insulin correctly. Diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure, and the loss of limbs. For the most part diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Therefore, diabetes prevention is largely up to each individual. Some tips for preventing diabetes are as follows:

Exercise regularly

Exercise helps lower blood sugar. After a high carb meal doing some type of exercise will bring blood sugar back to normal faster. Exercise is important for general health but it is essential for preventing diabetes because it helps people stay at a healthy weight.

Maintain a healthy weight

As was mentioned, exercise will help you stay at a healthy weight. Many diabetics are overweight. A great percentage of them have excess body fat around their stomachs. Excess weight slows insulin circulation in the body. After a while this will cause a condition called insulin resistance. Diabetes is usually the next step for someone who develops insulin resistance. Reducing your body fat and getting healthy will lessen your chances of developing diabetes.

Eat a healthy diet

If you don’t already have any symptoms of diabetes, and your blood markers are still in the non-diabetic range, then eating a low fat diet is healthy and will help prevent diabetes. However, if you are already pre-diabetic then you should reduce the carbohydrates in your diet. Lowering carbohydrates will help keep blood sugar regulated. Carbohydrates make your blood sugar rise. Anything above a reading of 100 is considered pre-diabetic. You need to do everything possible to keep blood sugar readings in the normal range. The longer you keep pre-diabetic numbers, the better your chances of developing full blown diabetes.

Reduce stress

Stress causes high blood sugar readings for many diabetics. Preventing diabetes entails following many of the same rules as controlling diabetes so stress reduction is very important.

Combine all of the above. The best way to prevent diabetes is by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weigh, eating properly, and reducing stress.

It isn’t always easy to do these things, but it is imperative. If you want to prevent diabetes you have to be proactive with your health. Take matters into your own hands and do what it takes to keep yourself healthy. There are over 20 million people with diabetes in the United States. This is very sad since diabetes is a preventable condition. You are worth it. Believe it and do what you need to so that you stay healthy.