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Depression Symptoms and Treatment

Today’s world has an ever growing list of ever growing problems. Depression is one of them. Many men and women are affected by this illness. The reactions differ between male and female. Some would believe that men do not suffer from depression. In fact, some probably would believe that men don’t have feelings other than anger. The only emotion that men can safely express is anger. The truth is men suffer from depression at least as much as women do. In fact, 80% of all suicides are carried out by men. But the way men deal with depression is different from the way women deal with depression.

While women deal with depression by turning inward and blaming themselves, men are more likely to go on tirades and cause conflict when depressed. Men who are depressed tend to be more hostile and controlling. Male depressants tend to blame other people for their problems. They are angry, irritable, and they have big egos. They start fights. They are hostile on some level. When they feel hurt they attack others. They demand respect from others, in fact they must have constant praise and admiration, otherwise they will get frustrated. They obsessively try to keep time. They have an unhealthy need to control everything, which ultimately drives people away from them. They get very little sleep. They are scared to death of their weaknesses. They feel that they may not be loved enough. The types of lives men with depression lead alienate others and they often end up isolated and alone, which make them more prone to self destructive behaviors resulting in deeper depression. They will find themselves in this continuing vicious cycle until they can’t handle it anymore and possibly commit suicide.

In order to help a man going through depression, it is best to recognize the signs because most men won’t see it in themselves. They will deny the possibility of them having depression. Most men won’t seek help unless they are pressured by close friends and family. Men suffering from depression can be helped with exercise, diet, individual or group therapy. Some men need to be taught to accept and love themselves for whom they are. Another good method is having a man get in touch with his spirituality. Then of course there are medications that the man can take to help him like Prozac and other meds like that. Unfortunately they have side effects like sexual dysfunction. Medication should be the last thing to consider when dealing with an emotional disorder such as depression.

Many men suffer from depression which is left undiagnosed. Many depressed men are probably mistaken for having rage issues. A lot of men themselves convince themselves that they don’t have depression because it is not ‘manly’. But depression is a serious issue that should not be ignored.