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Dental Issues Caused by Regular Smoking

Smoking is well known to cause lung and heart related disease. A less mentioned issue caused by smoking is the host of dental problems created.

Bad Breath

Smoking contains Nicotine which facilitates bad breath. As a person smokes Nicotine builds up in the mouth. To make the situation works it decreases saliva productions which the body uses to remove build ups from the mouth. The drier the mouth becomes the more common bad breath is. Morning breath is the result of decreased saliva production while a person sleeps. A smoker suffers decreased production throughout the day as well and chronic bad breath may result. The buildup of plaque and tarter on teeth from ones smoking increases the risk of bad breath. For a smoker there are cumulative effects that make instances of bad breath worse.

Plague and tarter

Nicotine and other chemicals can stick to a person’s teeth. As they do the buildup of plaque occurs. Plaques are very rich in sugars that bacteria love. As bacteria growth increases they give off acids as a byproduct. Overtime acidic buildup will begin to break down the enamel of teeth leading to tooth decay. As the plaque hardens over time it becomes harder to remove from the teeth. The hardening of plaque is known as tarter. This is why regular brushing and flossing are important as it helps remove plaque buildup before tarter forms.


Discoloration and stains on teeth are unsightly and sometime difficult to remove. Cigarette smoke contains tars and other elements that attach to the teeth forming stains. A tooth is not a solid structure. Instead it is porous and those chemicals can work their ways into the cracks making the stain even more difficult to remove.

Gum Disease

Smoking restricts blood from throughout the body. Normal blood flow is critical for the body to work effectively. As blood flow in the gums is decreased it causes damage to the gums and teeth. Smoking can also lead to inflammations of the gums. As they inflame they no longer hold against the teeth the same way. This gives plaque a chance to build up below the gum lines where cleaning it away is much more difficult. This plaque will damage the root structure of the teeth causing decay and tooth loss.

Tooth Loss

Smoking causes tooth loss by disrupting the entire system of the mouth. By helping facilitate the growth of plaque bacteria grows leading to tooth decay. Decreased saliva production reduces the body’s ability to neutralize acids attacking tooth enamel. As gum disease begins to form the teeth lose their strength and get attacked from under the gum line as well. As time goes on the problem compounds until tooth loss occurs.