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Dental Hygiene Top Unusual Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

So we all know the basics of our oral hygiene, brush three times daily usually after meals, floss and rinse RIGHT?

But there may be a few more things (that you didn’t know). A few unusual tips to keeping your pearly whites just that.

Moms this one goes to you. Remember when you last told your child to eat his vegtables, well now you have just one more reason to load on the veggies. According to Robert Schallhorn, D.D.S., Aurora, Colorado, dentist and past president of the American Academy of Periodontology, eating a raw vegtable a day can keep gingivitis away. And if you are more on the green side of things then you know that some of the new products out there that are green friendly, arn’t so wallet friendly. But you can try aloe gel this will actually cut back on the plaque build up as well. And this is perfect for sensitive teeth. And if you have ever had that fear of after eating onions or garlic that you may have a horrible oder lurking around, gum may not be the quick fix. The sugars in some gum can create more bacteria. Try simple salt and warm water gargle, not the tastest, but it works for more then just a cold soar or scratchy throat. The salt water can act as the most effective way in controlling bacteria and sweetening the breath. And if you do choose to chew something try chewing on cinamon this helps salivation and freshens the breath,versus the cinamon gums they may taste great but beware of the sugars.

Now if some of this stuff seems not so unusual i do have more for you. If dry mouth is some what of an irriation to you, then you may want to see some of the new things out there that are better then over drinking or sucking on candy. Many people have chronic dry mouth due to certain medications or even diseases, but in most cases we are just getting older and the drying of our mouths is a natural accurance. If you are bothered by it try an over-the-counter saliva substitute such as a spray, gel or wash. Sound strange but these substitutes have many of the same enzymes and minerals as in real saliva.

Now we have all seen the ads for whiter teeth and some of us have even tried most. But you can try one more that is cost efficent, yummy and fast. Strawberries rubbed on the teeth within minutes can whiten stained teeth, however just like most over the counter products this can weeken enamil if done too much. So if you have sensitive teeth or very stained teeth you may want to do a little research to see if it is right for you. Other wise it is a fast fix.

When writing this article i couldn’t help but think of some of the silly things i have done. But i remember when i had a wisdom tooth just starting to peak it’s way into my mouth, it was a very irritating pain. While waiting to be seen by a dentist i tried to numb the pain with over the counter gels and such. In any case they only seemed to numb my tongue and taste horrible, so i searched online and found clove oil. Clove oil isn’t going to numb the pain but relive the pain because it has natural antiseptic properties.

Some of the may sound pretty unusual but they are effective with you oral hygiene.