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Dental Gumsteethbrushingloose Toothhalitosisbruxismdentist Permanent Tooth Baby Teeth


Here you go Single Folks , as well as: MOM’S and DAD’s!

1. The material under the hard enamel on your tooth is a softer matierial called Dentin. Enamel is clear, dentin is white!
* If you chip or break a tooth, get it fixed asap so the dentin stays healthy and your root/pulp below does not get irritated or infected.

2. When you pull out a tooth you should PULL it straight up, so that the root comes out with the tooth.
*Otherwise you’ll end up with gum pain until that broken root gets pushed out by the incoming tooth below.

3.Putting a cap on a child’s molar is the dentists way of avoiding trauma to a child (too much pain at an early age).
*The child, later, will have to get a filling or root canal on the ‘capped’ tooth when the rest of their permanent teeth grow in (between 11-15 yrs.old).

4. In your ‘permanent dentition’: You should have 4 wisdom teeth, 8 molars, 8 premolars, 4 bicuspids (aka canines) 4 ‘laterals’ & 4 incisors (front teeth)=32 teeth.

*In your child’s ‘primary dentition’: They should have 4 molars, 8 premolars, 4 bicuspids, 4 laterals and 4 incisors=24 teeth. : )

5. Bad breath is called “halitosis” and can be prevented by brushing your entire tounge, roof of your mouth, gums and inner cheek tissue!It only takes an extra minute and cleans your mouth nicely for those late night or early morning kisses* : D

6. ‘Bleaching’ your teeth thins the enamel making them morre sensitive and prone to cavities*
>>Brush with straight baking soda if you want them white!
(It may not taste that great…but it’s a whole lot cheaper, especially for smokers and coffee lovers ; )

7. The term for ‘grinding your teeth’ is “Bruxism”.
*If you do not get a ‘night guard’ or you continue with stress in your life, your teeth surfaces wear away and break…making it harder to chew food because of flat tooth surfaces that do not come together properly.
*Clenching your jaw goes along with ‘Bruxism’ and will lead to jaw pain and headaches when you don’t clench : P

8. Cavities are know in the dental world as ‘carries’ and under a microscope…are pretty much little bugs/germs on your teeth!Seriously. (The crawl around.)
*Thats why the dentists urges you to brush 3 times a day ; )
Because the longer you go without brushing, the more likely you are to get sick due to the over accumulation of carries…an infection produces in your mouth, you swallow all the carries and you get sick! Yuck.

9. Leaving white scum/’calculus’ on the teeth, caused by eating lots of sugary foods and not brushing, is the fastest way to DECAY the teeth, live with pain and then lose your teeth completely.

10. Letting a child’s teeth decay or not taking care of your baby’s gums is a sad way of letting your child’s health go, because the growing permanent teeth underneath those soft gums are affected by everything that is put into your child’s mouth. <>

*So, there you go! Be careful with your mouth*
(You shouldn’t have to pay someone to fix where you went wrong or gave up.)