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Decreasing Allergy Symptoms by Improving Adrenal Function

Allergies are something that run in my husbands family as well as my own. I personally have asthma and some skin conditions that go along with that whole issue. I found out years back after taking my 3rd daughter to an allergist that eczema is another version of asthma. I was relieved that she showed no symptoms of asthma but still had a very pesky skin condition that was bothersome.Throughout the years I did a bit of research here and there to look into how this condition could be improved wholistically. With a background in nutrition I was already aware of the role the adrenals played in allergies. Or maybe I should say the role that under functioning adrenals can play in allergies. So with that I was able to establish a nutritional plan to help my daughter alleviate some of her symptoms. The adrenals are small triangular shaped glands that sit on top of the kidneys and are little powerhouses of vital substances that help our body to withstand all different types of stresses that life throws at us.

I recently have come upon this very same issue with my 19 month old son. Lots of eczema, no asthma, but chronically congested sinuses that become infected off and on. I consulted a friend who has his own wholistic health clinic to refresh my plan for combating this once again, and he and I were able to come up with a good plan to help alleviate his symptoms, keeping the best interests of his adrenals in mind.

First we should maybe have a bit of discussion about how the adrenals help to combat allergies for us. It will be helpful to know that the adrenal glands secrete cortisol which is the main substance that helps in the anti-inflammation process of pretty much all of our tissues, ranging from our bronchial tubes that may be having a asthmatic reaction to some sort of allergen, to a mosquito bite becoming huge and inflamed after we’ve been bitten. Or maybe we have some sort of auto-immune disorder wherein white blood cells are running rampant within us causing alot of inflammation. If we are not secreting enough cortisol in this situation we will not have good inflammation control and will find ourselves experiencing pain from this process. Rheumatoid arthritis would be a good example of this. Rheumatiod arthritis is a auto-immune disorder characterized by the joints being attacked by the immune system, causing inflammation and pain. With a set of strong adrenals you would have better cortisol levels to counter the inflammation. Without adequate adrenal response we find ourselves in pain, or with asthma and allergies of all sorts.

To combat poor adrenal function it is imperative to give them what they need nutritionally to function at their optimum level. Life is very stressful and we need them strong and thriving with the ability to do what they are meant to do for us, so we may enjoy a good quality life. Some of the things I learned over the years in the health food business that are great for maximizing adrenal function include:

Vitamin C- I suggest using 500 mg. chewables throughout the day topping off levels of maybe 3-4,000 mgs. Most mammals other than humans make their own Vitamin C we do not. The RDA suggests only 75 mgs, which is great if you have absolutely no stress, but most of us aren’t that lucky. Using a bit of a higher level will be quite helpful in aiding our adrenals to function at their best.

B-Complex Vitamin- this is another group of vitamins that our adrenal glands soak up quite a bit of. The adrenals job is to help us out in stressful situations, and because such a large part of life is very stressful we are constantly putting high demands on these glands. They need replenishment with all the B vitamins. Without giving them an adequate supply of nutrients to replace whats used in everyday life, we can be sure to have adrenals that become fatigued. Make sure they’re taken before a meal for better nutritional uptake.

Celtic Sea Salt- Something I just found out recently from the same friend I spoke of earlier, is that sodium nourishes the adrenals. However, you need the right sort of sodium left in its natural whole state along with the minerals that come with it. Celtic Sea Salt is just that. It is a whole unprocessed salt with everything our adrenals need to help enhance their function. Just sprinkle some on whatever meal is being served.

The importance of healthy thriving adrenals can mean the difference between a great quality life or a life ridden with all sorts of allergies, inflammatory types of conditions and just poorer health in general. Taking these steps to support the adrenal glands will help to make life so much more enjoyable on all levels. There is just no replacement for a body free of all the different types of allergic symptoms that can occur with exhausted adrenals, and once your own adrenals are functioning adequately the difference you’ll feel in your daily life will be so significant, you’ll wonder how you lived any other way.