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Dealing with a Weight Problem

Losing weight has its challenges, but it’s important you take action sooner than later. There is no “right time” to lose weight, but the longer we ignore a problem or procrastinate in changing it, the longer we’ll suffer from it. Here are some things to keep in mind about the right time for you to tackle a weight problem.

– A problem is a problem.

If your weight is causing you concern, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do to change it. A problem will remain a problem if we’re not proactive in doing the things that give us a better chance to change it. Even if your attempts are not going so well, you mustn’t give up, because trial and error is what finally leads us to success. If we’ve chosen to ignore a problem, nothing gets done about it. Problems don’t get “wished away” as we often hope they would. The right time to change a weight issue, is when we begin to notice its effects on us. Are your clothes fitting you tight? Are you noticing you’re breathing heavy? If you’re obese, how long can you ignore it? You need to have your “moment of clarity,” where you’ve had enough, and you won’t accept your current condition any longer.

– Why would you wait?

Ideally, we’d like to be able to get our weight under control quickly, but the reality is that many people don’t know how. None of us wants to wait, but not knowing what to do, failures, not seeing results, we can’t change anything if we’re not reaching the level of success we’ve hoped for. When nothing’s working for us, it’s usually adding on additional pounds too. When we’re not on the right weight loss plan, it makes it difficult to see results, and we don’t stick with it long. Most people do end up giving up. You won’t ever change, unless you’re committed to finding what will work for you. Why would you wait? If your weight is a problem, you need to begin tackling it today. Gather resources, try new things, research on the internet, and go to the bookstore and flip through some weight loss books. Begin today to make the effort to change, and commit to building a new lifestyle.

– Change now.

When a new client comes to me, I know I’m going to face challenges. Just because they “show up,” doesn’t mean they understand the level of commitment it takes to lose weight and keep it off for good. It’s up to me to “get them to understand what changing takes.” They really don’t know what’s expected of them in order to succeed, because they’re mostly thinking of me pushing them in the gym, and they think they’ll end up looking a way that’s usually unrealistic for their body type. They’re unsuspecting about weight losses real battles, and it’s up to me to get them to se that “bigger picture,” or else they’ll continue struggling. Showing up is a start, because it shows they know they have a problem. We can only deal with our problems when we know we have an issue we won’t accept any longer. The main challenge is taking the steps to get action going.

– Waiting has its consequences.

I’ve seen it happen many times, someone didn’t do something about their weight, and it had its health consequences. Why wait till it’s too late? You can’t continue overeating, eating fatty processed foods, sitting around in front of the TV constantly, and just letting yourself get fatter and fatter. I have a relative that didn’t take action to change her situation. She had high blood pressure, diabetes, and her weight caused her so much pain(she needed two knee replacements due to her being obese for so long). She didn’t do what the doctors told her to do to control her medical issues, nor did she lose the weight the doctors wanted her to. They wanted her to lose weight to see if it would ease her pain, and also to be able to go through with the surgery if needed. It ended up being too late. She had a stoke, and she lives in a nursing home facility, wheelchair and bed bound. She can’t walk or talk much. It’s sad, because it didn’t need to be. She’s such a beautiful person who loves laughter. Our health should never be taken for granted, and health consequences of our weight are possible and real.

– It’ll be harder later.

The longer we ignore a weight problem, the harder it’ll be to change it. Weight gain has a way of adding to our “life issues,” and we’ll end up having more issues to deal with. Being overweight can pose challenges we don’t expect, and that’s the sad part about it. My aunt had no way of foreseeing the future, but she was on the road of destruction. After she went into the nursing home, her daughter cleaned up her bedroom. She found bags of candy hidden. She was supposed to be losing weight, but she couldn’t gain control over it. She was out of control, a closet eater, and she had all the signs of a food addict. She let things go for too long, and when someone is doing those three actions, they need professional help. She didn’t do anything to help herself, but it doesn’t need to be your same fate. No matter how out of control your weight is, start today. If things are really bad, seek outside help, because your life may be at stake.

There’s never a right time to tackle a weight problem, it’s more important that we decide to deal with it. It’s not going to be an easy thing, but we don’t see change if we don’t start trying. You must be willing to do what it takes to lose weight and keep it off for good. If you have a weight problem, there’s no better time than the present to start working on it. Don’t let fear or anything else stand in your way. We all have the courage to change, so take action today.