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David Kirschs new York Body Plan

David Kirsch is labelled as a celebrity wellness guru. He is the founder of the Madison Square Club in New York which has attracted some celebrities as clientele, and in addition he has a Wellness Company on line. The Wellness site invites those in need of getting fit and healthier to sign up for $16 per month to try out the New York Body plan, and browse through his online supplement store.

Kirsch claims that after years of believing it took six weeks to coach people into becoming fit he now believes that quick fixes are possible and he can train people to achieve fitness in just two short weeks. With his online program and support the person seeking wellness will have access to motivation, a fitness exercise regime and a healthy nutritious eating plan. Success can be achieved and weight lost without the need for surgery, but naturally with the help of a range of supplements.

As well as weight loss the New York Body Plan promises increased energy, toned muscles, and real results which will last a lifetime, all possible in a two week crash course. Those who sign up for the online plan may still buy the books and videos of course, but the online program has added bonuses. It provides a calorie counter, a wellness journal and a community of like minded people. The plan also provides automated recipes which adhere to the strict dietary guidelines of the plan, which Kirsch stresses, must be rigorously adhered to.

The weight loss plan is recommended as an alternative to surgery and follows a nutritional program of no A, B, C, D, E or F. This translates as no alcohol, no bread, no starchy carbohydrates, no dairy, no extra sweets, no fruit and no fats. This basically leaves the dieter eating a diet of vegetables and lean protein. Mealtimes need to be strictly followed with meals planned for 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Of course the diet will be supported by a range of supplements which Kirsch highly recommends as necessary, but he has put together a nifty package of the Ultimate New York Body Wellness Kit to complement the program. The wellness kit is available directly from Kirsch’s on line supplement store for the special cheap price of just $523.99. The kit includes protein powder, vitamin super juice, afternoon energy, flush and cleanse, and an appetite suppressant which is Hoodia supreme. The hoodia must be taken twice a day before lunch and dinner.

What is promoted as a route to wellness actually comprises a meal replacement shake for breakfast, laxatives twice a day, and appetite suppressants: thus not really the natural route to thinness most health conscious individuals would seek. In addition to the expense of the necessary supplements the dieter also needs to have the requisite equipment to exercise with for the fitness routines.

The New York Body Plan is an expensive route to weight loss and fitness which relies heavily on supplementation and an extreme diet plan which fails to meet basic nutritional needs. Unfortunately you don’t get an advance peek at the online program until you register, but you can always leaf through a copy of Kirsch’s book in the store to learn more.