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Cures for Picky Eaters

It can be quite frustrating for any parent who is faced with a child who is a picky eater. Sometimes a parent can run out of ideas on what to do. But, there are ways parents can go round this issue and come out winners by the end of the day.

The following tips will help with guiding parents on how to deal with picky eaters in the home.

Identification of the foods that the child hates most is the first step to take. Sometimes it maybe due to the way the food is presented. Children at a certain age will just refuse any food and will prefer to snack away. It is therefore important to note down the foods that the child doesn’t seem to like and those that they seem to like. This will help an individual zero in on the type of foods that are desisted by the child.

Parents should lead by example and eat the foods while the child is looking. Sometimes a child may not eat a certain type of food, simply because Mommy or Daddy puts it aside while eating and they will want to do the same too. All parents should eat all the foods when their children are looking to avoid any copying by the children.

Creativity matters much when it comes to food preparation. Sometimes the child may not like mashed potatoes but will eat them deep fried or done in another way and they will enjoy them.It is therefore important for all parents to be observant and creative when preparing foods and it will help them identify how the child prefers their meals cooked.

Addition of new foods to the regular meals may make a child become picky they may not want to eat a type of food that they have not been eating. The best thing to do is serve it in a separate dish rather than stuffing it onto the child’s plate, let them take the initiative to serve it themselves. This way the child will not feel threatened by the new type of food served.

Persistence should be employed when dealing with a picky eater, keep trying and one should not give up till the child starts to like that particular type of food that they did not like before. It may sometimes take long but one day the child will begin to like the food.

Avoid forcing the child to eat certain types of foods that they don’t like. This is a wrong approach because it may make the child hate eating. One should remember that children will not understand why their parents are fussing a lot about, them eating certain foods. It is important that the parent is patient when dealing with a picky eater.

No alternatives should be provided during mealtimes unless necessary. The child should learn that mommy made only one dinner and if they refuse to eat that means that they will go to bed hungry. If a parent starts to offer other foods when the child refuses to eat during mealtimes then this will only teach them that they can always have a way out if they don’t like what has been served.

Cut out all snacks and let the child eat when hungry, this way they will be forced to eat even if they don’t like the food.

Involve the child when preparing the foods at home. This will make them understand why they must eat all the food that has been prepared. During preparation the parent should teach the child the different nutrients found in the food, and why it is important to eat all the food served. This will help the child drop the habit of picking their food during mealtimes and will come to love to eat all the foods served on their plates.