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Cures for Chronic Hemorrhoids

I would bet a million dollars if I had it that my hemorrhoids were caused by parasites drilling holes in my intestines and weakening the tissues. I say this because every time I got a hemorrhoid attack, it was accompanied by the agonizingly miserable itchy sensation that I came to recognize as pinworms. Therefore, I am convinced that a parasite cleanse is the most important and effective thing a person with hemorrhoids can do, to prevent recurrence. If you want to know how to do a parasite cleanse, visit Cure Zone dot com Parasite Support Forum.

The second most important thing you can do to treat hemorrhoids is increase the amount of fiber and fluids you consume. It will keep your bowels moving quickly and regularly, and help move the worms out of your system before they have a chance to torture you and multiply. And, since hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rear end, herbal formulas for strengthening the veins can be very helpful in healing the tissue. The essential oil for hemorrhoids sold by amoils dot com is also very effective.

If you need to reduce the swelling immediately, a cold application can help you do that. Buy a small balloon, the kind that is about size and shape of your little finger before blown up, or a latex finger cot. Put a very small amount of water in the balloon, or cot, tie it off, and freeze it, making a little anal ice pack about the size of a suppository. Insert this in your anal sphincter. Alternate with heat, and it will help to diminish the parasite colonies that are making you sick. Buy a brick, put it the oven, and turn the heat on high for about ten minutes. Take it out, wrap it with a towel and sit on it.

If you can feel a worm wiggling and biting your behind, squat over a mirror, inspect your anus, and remove the worm. It will end the terrible itching immediately, until more hatch out or reinfection occurs. If the worm is too deep to reach, peel a clove of sprouted garlic, cut off the tip end, and insert it. You can also make suppositories with coconut oil, wormwood and marshmallow root. Or do an infusion with tea made from astringent herbs like witch hazel.

Get creative. Google natural remedies for hemorrhoids and see what herbs come up. Buy them at your local health food store. Grind them in a coffee grinder, sift through a tea strainer, make some little suppository molds out of tin foil, mix the powder in coconut oil, pour into the suppository molds, put in the freezer. In about thirty minutes you will have a suppository that you can insert.