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Cure yourself with Mind over Matter

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people manage to get cured of horrible, and sometimes even terminal, diseases simply by seeking help from natural therapists when their doctors have almost given up all hope on these patients?

Why also other people make the long and arduous trip to far off places like Lourdes in France, when their condition doesn’t really permit them to travel any more but despite this they struggle on with the hope in their hearts that if the doctors couldn’t help them then maybe a divine intervention might, which in a few cases does actually happen?

Well what both of the above examples give to the patient is hope rather than medicine. These patients have tried all the other conventional methods of treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and pills all of which end up, in many instances, battering the body more than the actual disease itself and leaving the mind almost drained of any impetus or energy in which to help its own body which is a real vicious circle.

And if you look at the word disease broken down into ‘dis’ and ‘ease’, you can see that it implies ‘not to be at ease’, with yourself or your body, and all of this stems from the mind. So if your mind is not at ease it will eventually affect your body in some way or another whether it be a minor ailment or a much more serious one.

Everyone has no doubt at one time or another in their life gone through a traumatic or nerve wracking experience and noticed how either they ended up getting a severe head ache, stomach cramps, a pain in their back or chest, or even a nervous rash on their skin and at that moment there was no real evidence to say that they were ill because it was really only their mind that was creating these ailments and so as soon as the critical moment was over, so too were their pains. So it is quite evident that the way your mind thinks does actually play a very big part on the state and health of your body.

In Africa, and several other places in the world, the witchcraft called ‘Voodoo’ exists where a person can go to a witch doctor and ask for a bad spell to be cast on one of his enemies with the awful consequence being that in a lot of cases these spells do actually reach the victim and cause havoc with his health and in several unfortunate cases even death. But note that they ‘reach’ the victim as opposed to ‘affect’ him and it is only because the victim becomes aware that he has had a spell put on him that causes him to be from then on in a constant state of dis-ease and so ultimately cause his health to deteriorate.

So hence the saying ‘mind over matter’ or better said in this case ‘mind over body’. Always try and use your mind to its full capacity to try and control parts of your body. If you have a pain in your back, in the majority of cases it is because you are nervous about something and you have without thinking tensed up all the muscles there so you have to begin to do some deep breathing and after having learnt where all your muscles lie try and concentrate on loosening them up. It won’t be easy at first and it might not even work but if you persist and carry on practicing it should end up working quite well for minor conditions and experienced people have managed to master it so well that they can even undergo an operation without anaesthetic which shows how far they have gone in mastering the control of their mind over their body but I have to add here that there are not many in the world that have been able to advance as far as to this, so for us ordinary people it’s quite a feat just trying to relieve our back pain and a great victory if we can achieve it! Always be positive, never give up and always remember that your mind controls your body and also contains its own healing methods.

It is therefore clear that the mind plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy body and thus a mind which is inspired by hope, enthusiasm and faith given to it by yourself, natural therapists or by visiting holy shrines, where miracles are known to have happened, is going to work much better at trying to get the body to heal itself than a mind that has given up all hope.