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Crowley Albert Pike Mental Illness Psychiatry Psychology Freemasonry Beatles Rolling Stones Satan hi


Most of what follows is, plainly said, well-founded speculation. However, it answers the questions raised in the title.

Mental Illness is a psychiatrist and psychologist’s Public Relations, Marketing, and Propaganda campaign; nothing else, nothing more, nothing less. It works as a biochemical religion.

Psychedelia is a psychiatrist and psychologist’s Public Relations, Marketing, and Propaganda campaign; nothing else, nothing more, nothing less. It works as a biochemical religion.

Mental illness has a purpose, to sell psychotropic drugs.

Psychedelia has a purpose, to sell psychotropic drugs.

Both of them, as far as we can see, have the same purpose.

See http://www.lysergia.com/FeedYourHead/lsdLiterature.htm

Also, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychedelic

“The term was first coined as a noun in 1957 by (British) psychiatrist Humphry Osmond as an alternative descriptor for hallucinogenic drugs in the context of psychedelic psychotherapy”.

The use of psychotropic drugs as a weapon of choice is very old. Sun Tzu subtly speaks in the Art of War of them when he states, “The supreme excellence is to subdue the armies of your enemies without even having to fight them”.

In the Vedas, based on the contradictions, we could see the interpolations made to include the “Soma” as a god at the same time that Awareness and Knowledge are sublimated; Aldous Huxley in his well-known “A Brave New World” revives the use of Soma. Such contradiction is very evident, how is that awareness and knowledge can be together with a doping chemical? According to Ali Jafarei (a great translator and scholar) Soma (or Haoma, as it was called by Zarathushtra) was opium but other sources say there were other drugs involved; all of them psychotropic drugs.

Zarathushtra in his songs warns us about it. Buddha forbade the psychedelic drugs to his monks.

See, http://www.helium.com/items/1826796-matrix-aleister-crowley-magick-psychedelic-drug-aquarius-h-p-blavatsky-vril-edward-bulwer-lytton

The technique of the assassin is recorded from the time of the assassination of Phillip II of Macedonia, Alexander’s father; if we check the Ciropedia, we will see that there were diplomatic relations between Persia, India and Greece. We might conclude that Alexander decides to destroy Persia not knowing probably that the technique was used to provoke such war from India. The Hindu were foes to the Zarathushtrians, since the times of the Mahabharata, the Great War, when the Devas (the bright ones) fought the Assuras (the creators).

We can also see the technique, which is very rudimentary, take a not very bright guy, hit him unconscious, put him in the middle of a fake Paradise with Houris and everything, and then he wakes up in the desert, with a terrible headache and you tell the guy, “would you like to come back to Paradise?” The guy will say, of course, “yeah, I would”, and you would answer, “take this sword, go and kill the sultan” or something like that. The guy does it and is killed by the sultan’s guards. If he reached Paradise, is a matter either of faith or of speculation.

Later, during the Crusades, Richard Lionhearted, the king of England, stole the same technique learned from the Old Man of the Mountain to England, when he sent assassins to kill Conrad of Montferrat. Perhaps, the German Teutonic Order grabbed the same techniques and took them to Germany. Those were, probably, the origins of modern psychology.

Venice used to command the drug traffic from the Silk Route, see, http://books.google.com.mx/books?id=YX9_AAAAMAAJ&q=Venice+drug+trade&dq=Venice+drug+trade&source=bl&ots=VhHyHRzaLH&sig=UiUtRETsBUIlU853Dvkk3NnF9m4&hl=es&ei=1jjrS5uuFZDUsQOI4bjFDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CFUQ6AEwCQ

When Venice lost the war, it put its float into good port, England, and half its assets in Switzerland. The British Order of Saint John used the destruction of the Templers to grab their goods and overtook Malta; I certainly believe that the Venetians had a lot to do with the destruction of Templers but have no way to prove it.

Check http://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_91-96/952_venice.html

Venice waged a war against the Catholic Church in all fronts, one of them being witchcraft, which Venice promoted from the Palatinate to England. That had nothing to do with science, although alchemists were at work too. Their movement was called the enlightenment. See, http://www.amazon.com/Rosicrucian-Enlightenment-Frances-Yates/dp/0415109124


Centuries passed by. In 1715, England started to traffic with opium and other drugs. And then, mid the nineteenth century, China was defeated by England in the “Opium Wars” (1858) while India rose against England. England used India to grow opium poppies and export/import to China. Hong Kong is the result of such drug traffic promoted by the Crown when Charles Elliot, the British boat captain drug dealer confiscated the opium packs for the Queen Victoria from the British private drug dealers; thus creating a casus belli, a cause for war.

During the nineteenth century, Russia and the USA were allies against England and other countries. Thus the communism was born, in England and Germany.

See http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/dope_inc/dope_inc.htm

How would drug dealers make legal the use of psychotropic drugs? The answer is amazingly simple. You have a market, so you need to make an artificial need of them. Therefore, your first step is to transform Inquisition into two subjects, psychology and psychiatry.


Then you position them as “scientific” subjects in the universities, prepare your apostles and send them to conquer the world. You use for doing it a very old technique to produce assassins, by using hashish.

You use poets like Baudelaire, Lord Byron and others, for selling your opium. A century later, you use rock bands to do the same with the psychedelic drugs.

At the same time, you create a buzz on occultism and esotericism based on The Coming Race, and using the concept of Vril you start creating cell after cell after cell of infiltrated people in Germany.


You also need to wipe out the original good Masonry (which made possible the independence of the USA, and most Latin America) and substitute it for another evil and dark, by using a British magician called Albert Pike. First, you make a tremendous fuss for supposed murder of someone by the masons, and then you create conditions for destroying freemasonry. Then, you send them a dark wizard to “reform” masonry in the US.



You then proceed to create theories like Theosophy and cells like the Golden Dawn, and work with an individual called Aleister Crowley. He is your control of such cells.

You bring one or another future Nazi, like, let’s say, Hitler and Rudolph Hess, so they go and rabble rouse the Germans. At the same time you start creating a pogrom by using the master piece of PR called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which, by the way, appeared for the first time in the British Museum.


You need to people Palestine with Jews. However, they are too cozy in Germany; you need to have them move out.

Read, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0879801662/ref=nosim/emetnews-20 and

The campaign of “mental illness” is rolling and smoking. Now you implement the second part, the magic part. The groundwork has been settled, and the pavement is ready, so you start creating the conditions for the growth and reaping of one of the greatest PR campaigns on Earth. The use of psychotropic or psychedelic drugs, first with the Nazis, then in all society, starting by the USA, is part of the workout. Hitler himself used psychedelic drugs.

See, Hitler et la sorcellerie by Francois Ribadeau Dumas and Hitler, l’elu du dragon by Jean Robin (there are Spanish editions).

The psychedelic by the way is entirely different from the medical model. The target is another public, more religious, more penchant to being spiritual.

You then send Aldous Huxley to California, spiritually blameless, impeccable, carries the ideas of Bertrand Russell way beyond speculation and literature. He creates the possibility of having the “soma” resurrected through the most varied types of psychedelic drugs. At the same time, you prepare the theory of cybernetics to “program” human beings with “artificial intelligence”.

See http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=human+use+of+human+beings&sprefix=human+use+of

The way is ready, (the beatniks have worked hard too) and the English rock bands (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, The Doors, etc.) start working to sell, and sell, and sell. Some of them adore Satan, openly.

Millions are duped, falling into the trap. It’s amazing but people swallow all this. That is the net result, hallucinations, and eventual degradations and the nice illusion that psychedelic drugs really have a spiritual outcome. Unfortunately, you cannot have spiritual results based on material things.

And that is what psychedelia is, just another biochemical religion. The rest is history, Tim Leary, Salvador Arguet, Ken Kesey in his colorful bus, and all the guys come later. Its effects are mass addiction, rising crime rates, the Charles Mason-ification of many, the craziness we are witnessing right now.

As stated before, psychedelic were the same drugs used to produce a Hitler.