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Crossfit Safety – No

Enticing Under Armour commercials praise the fundamental elements of CrossFit. Images of glistening athletic bodies perform clean and press movements with outrageous weights. Profligate promotion of the CrossFit games taints expectations of aspiring competitors. Glorifying the elements of pain, CrossFit appeals to the insecure masses seeking hard-core training affiliation. Advertised as the pinnacle of functional training methodology, CrossFit lacks the essential foundation for its mission statement.

Strolling past a CrossFit gym, one notices advertisement models mysteriously absent. Instead, a 58-year-old apple-shaped man is struggling to perform a series of overhead squats while skin flab wobbles his misshapen waist. Nearly collapsing with exhaustion, he is forced to perform yet another exercise with little rest. Poor form characterizes each lift due to obvious pain. Crimson-faced huffing fits rack his overworked respiratory system. Petrified that he might not keep pace with his teammates, he steels his strength for another rep.

Commandant CrossFit Instructor shouts to push the fear, the pain from the mind. Boundaries are limitless if determination is present, he claims. Spewing near-profanities, disguised as motivation statements, he intimidates a new mom attempting to rid herself of dimpled post-partum fat. Sporting his Pukey t-shirt, the CrossFit clown mascot, he rallies his class for a particularly grueling series of exercises.

Painting a vivid picture of the realities that characterize CrossFit, one can only wonder how the population has been duped to believe in CrossFit’s purported mantra. An aura of elitism surrounds their clubs and members at many locations. Human nature thrives on association with an identity, like CrossFit. This could be both a positive aspect and possibly detrimental.

Proper physical screening procedures of members are lacking, which contributes to dissenters’ criticism. One cannot build a base of fitness correctly without appropriate progressions. Not only has CrossFit been sued for devastating medical problems of participants, but also a plethora of CrossFit athletes have succumbed to sustained injuries. Wariness surrounds fitness experts’ recommendation of this training protocol, as a result.

No, CrossFit is not the most safe method to use for exercise, especially for beginners. For those athletes who have a basic fitness level and plentiful experience, this may be an option for furthering their skills. CrossFit should be cautiously attempted only under the guidance of an experienced, certified fitness professional. With countless other exercise options, why risk safety with CrossFit?