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Cress Cress Remedies Cress Natural Remedies Cress Natural Remedies Preparation

Cress is a very powerful herb that has long been known to mankind. One of its most important qualities is the large amount of Vitamin C contained in the herb. Cress is actually known to contain more vitamin C than an orange.

Further, cress contain iron and carotene.

According to some studies, the regular intake of cress as a herb or a spice can significantly diminish the chance of cancer formation. Researchers confirmed that the herb’s active ingredients have the power to prevent cell mutation.

Cress can be cultivated and it can also be discovered in its wild state. It grows close to springs and rivers at altitudes reaching up to 1500 m.

Using garden cress in natural remedies is actually quite simple. Natural medicine finds numerous uses for this herb, as it has ingredients speeding up the recovery in the case of diverse illnesses and conditions.

In order to use garden cress in remedy preparation, you have to pick the plant as soon as it flowers. The next step is drying it. Cress should be dried in shady and well-ventilated places. The most appropriate time for picking and drying is from May to August.

The stems of cress can be picked from November to January and used in the preparation of various salads.

Cress acts as a diuretic and an excellent cure against diarrhea. It can be used to treat nearly all types of urinary infections, as well as rheumatism, gallstones, skin rashes, anemia and others.

To make cress tea, get two teaspoons of the dried herb. Pour on them half a liter of hot water and let the cress soak for an hour. Filter the tea. Drink a cup of this infusion before each meal.

Cress can also lower the level of blood sugar. The herb can also be used to treat chronic bronchitis. The same infusion should be prepared and drunk at least three times per day, in order to improve the respiratory function.

Numerous anti-inflammatory natural remedies contain cress.

Cress juice is also very useful. It contains iodine, needed for proper thyroid function, and large amounts of vitamin C. The juice stimulates the pancreas, intestines, liver and gall bladder. To make cress juice, you will need to squeeze the stems of the plant and filter the liquid that you will obtain.

The cress tea is also used in the treatment of jaundice, thyroid goiter, malaria and scrofula.

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