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Cough Remedies

Croup is an unmistakable sound, it’s a harsh cough or a repetitive cough
that is similar to the noise a seal would make, a harsh barking noise.
A croup attack generally jars a person, leaving them grasping for breath.
Croup can be scary and a very frightening experience but it’s usually not serious
and can be treated in your doctors office most of the time.
The harsh cough is the swelling around the vocal cords also called the larynx,
and the windpipe also known as the trachea.
When the cough pushes the air through the swollen passage, the vocal chords
vibrate making that harsh barking noise .
Younger children have small airways to begin with, so most small children
are susceptible to croup.
Symptoms are a harsh cough which comes in spurts, fever, and a hoarse voice.

It’s usually caused by a virus referred to as the Parainfluenza Virus.
Most children contract a virus by breathing infected droplets that are respiratorally
infected and released thru the air by a cough or a sneeze .But may also contract it
through touching a contaminated surface or object and then touching their eyes, nose,
or mouth, where the infection will then follow.
Croup will usually run it’s course within three to seven day’s. In the meantime,
you could ease the symptoms with the use of a humidifier to moisten the air, or a hot
steamy bath. These seem to make breathing a little easier and enduces calmness. Some
say they breath easier with a cool air breeze. Either way you choose, sitting upright
can make it easier to breath. Also, frozen pops have been known to soothe the throat
as well as calm the child.
Croup symptoms have been known to ease up during daylight hours and worsen at
night.The more rest or sleep you acquire, the better.
Of course there are over the counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen for a
fever, or tylenol even cough syrups, but when dealing with a child it is best to seek
the advise of your family doctor to make absolute certain they can take the chosen
If there are any doubts in you mind about the sound of a breath that is taken, or an
unusual breathing patterns seek medical advise immediately, you should alway’s follow
your gut instinct, if you feel there is something wrong don’t wait, sometimes, there isn’t enough time…Our children depend on us to keep them safe, and care for them when they
become ill, when you hold a life in your hand,never second guess yourself..