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Conventional and Natural Treatments for Impotence

Conventional and Natural Treatments for Impotence

Hearing the word impotent can be daunting for both men and women.

What is impotence? Impotence is the inability for a man to achieve or maintain an erection. It is both a physical and psychological problem and can happen at any age.

Many have problems with ejaculation, but doctors tend to consider them normal unless it occurs 25% of the time.

In half of these cases, impotence is physical and develops from underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and liver disease. In addition, certain medications for treating these conditions can also cause impotence.

Psychological problems can also contribute to impotence. These include the abuse of alcohol, stress, depression, or anxiety when approaching the act of sex.

Distinguishing between the two can be problematic.

One way for a man to distinguish it is to keep track of when he is having an erection. If he has one while sleeping, a psychological condition is likely the cause. These problems account for the remaining half of the cases.

Doctors consider psychological problems easier to treat. If alcohol is the cause, stop or decrease the alcohol intake. He can treat stress, depression, and anxiety with understanding and patience from the partner. Seeking the advice of a counselor is also an option.

Once a man determines the cause of his impotence, he must choose a treatment option that is right for him. These options include both conventional and natural treatments. The following paragraphs include alternatives for both.

Conventional Treatments


Advantages; You need to be sexually active. It works in an hour. It lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. It has a 60 to 70% success rate. It has FDA approval.

Disadvantages; It can cause nasal congestion, headache, facial flushing, or nausea. Food and alcohol decrease its effectiveness. It can cause disturbed or bluish tinge to vision. You also have to be ready to have sex and rarely, you will have a prolonged erection requiring a trip to the emergency room. If taken with nitrates it can cause a severe reaction.


Advantages; It is a similar to Viagra and can be used within thirty minutes. It has a 70% success rate. It has FDA approval.

Disadvantages; It is similar to Viagra but it is only effective with stimulation. It does not increase sexual desire.


Advantages; It starts working in 30 to 60 minutes and last up to 5 hours. It has FDA approval.

Disadvantages; It is only effective with stimulation. It does not increase sexual desire.

Transurethral Therapy; A small pellet is inserted into the urethra and absorbed into the erectile tissue.

Advantages; An erection can be achieved within ten minutes.

Uprima; It is a drug that is taken under the tongue and dissolved within 15 minutes.

Advantages; It has a success rate of over 60 %. Food and alcohol do not affect the effectiveness.

Disadvantages; It can cause nausea, headache, and dizziness. An erection can last up to 2 hours. It does not have FDA approval.

Injection Treatments; A drug is injected into the shaft of the penis.

Advantages; It is usually effective within 15 minutes. It is 70 to 75% effective and easy to use. There is no interaction with nitrates.

Disadvantages; Squeamish men do not easily tolerate it. It can cause tenderness and scarring.

Penile implants; It should only be used when other options have failed.

Disadvantage; rigid penis

Natural Treatments

Ashwagandha; It is sometimes called Indian Ginseng.

Advantage; It is thought to increase sexual function.

Disadvantages; It may cause drowsiness and should not be mixed with sedatives.


Advantages; It relaxes smooth muscle and enhance blood flow to the penis. One study of 60 men showed a 50 % success rate after 6 months.

Disadvantages; Another study showed it was no better than a placebo.

Propionyl-L-Carnitine; A study was done on 90 men after prostate surgery; After taking 50 milligrams of Viagra twice a week and 2 grams of Propionyl-L- Carnitinte per day it was significantly more effective when it came to improved function, sexual satisfaction, and orgasm than taking Viagra alone.
L-Arginine; this is an amino acid the body uses to make nitric oxide. This substance signals the smooth muscle surrounding blood vessels to relax. This dilates the vessels and increases blood flow. This in turn, enhances blood flow leading to an erection. It is found in meat, dairy, poultry, and fish. It is also available in supplements.

Disadvantages; Some men complain of digestive problems. It may be harmful for people with ulcers or who take drugs that are hard on the stomach.

Yohimbe; Yohimbe Bark Extract dilates small blood vessels in the penis. It has FDA approval.

As you can see, a diagnosis of impotence is only the first step on a journey to recovery. However, with careful research and considering the options, a man can find the right treatment for his specific need.

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