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Controversy surrounding overdiagnosis of ADHD

Children are labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder too frequently, but in spite of this controversy, the diagnosis is being seen more often in both adults and children today. Possibly this is because of the noisy world and the inability to think coherently with all the distractions. How can anyone today focus attentively when the world is turning much too fast for adequate comprehension? Too many choices often breed inferior attention spans. And, too, children’s thinking processes are still developing and at different stages of growth there may be more inattention than at others.

What and who are at fault here? In a great many instances, it is a society that expects too much from children and expects it too soon. Where has childhood gone? Why do children not have the time or the place to be alone with themselves? Why is it that parents want children to be miniature adults rather than children? Why do they dump their own frustrations onto their children? What child can live up to the impossible dreams of their parents who, because of their own failure to measure up (in their own eyes, not in their children’s eyes) expect too much, too soon?

And to be fair to the poor overworked parents who, in spite of the above accusations, do have their children’s best interests at heart, or, since the majority of them do, one can will offer the following in their defense: They are trying to be everything to everybody and out of fear of having their children turn on them, give in to insatiable demands when all the ‘little dictators’ want or need is the unconditional love of their mothers and firm directions from their father.

But what has happened to these? Parents, having not completely grown up themselves, and will most likely not do so until they become grandparents of ADD grandchildren, are too busy ‘feeling good about themselves’ to care that their children may not be feeling so good about themselves. Although all concerned may sense something is wrong, they cannot stop their accelerated pace long enough for time out and a rethinking of the whole process of their rush toward more of the same old confusion.

Yes, yes, yes, Attention Deficit Disorder is a disorder, but more should be done to find out why this is so, rather than doing the easy thing, medicating and labeling as a condition set apart, when a little more time focused on it would almost miraculously cure it, or at least, make it acceptable to an overly demanding society. A society that has lost its hold on what is our most valued asset, our children.

One important caution where Attention Deficit is concerned is that there could easily be a wrong diagnosis. Parents of young children today should be especially careful that a correct diagnosis is given before submitting to medication for these overactive youngsters. Bipolar disease also has its interactive phases and these are almost indistinguishable from Attention Deficit. The problem is when Bipolar victims are given medication for their excessive energy and their attention deficit it could force them into a full blown case of the illness.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a timeless problem. Individuals with ADHD do have phases of illness and in-between these episodes, periods of normal life style. It is an everyday lack of attention and out of control type of affliction of varying severity.