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Controlling Emotional Eating with an Online Food Diary

You’ve probably heard it all before. Eat better and exercise more and you’ll lose weight. If you know that this is true but can’t stop yourself from eating a junk food filled diet for emotional or mental reasons you may feel like it’s not possible to lose weight. However, if you use mobile food journal to track your calories and find healthier substitutions, you may find that even if you are an emotional eater, you can lose weight. There are a couple things that you can do to deal with emotional eating.

One thing that you can do about emotional eating when using a calorie tracker is to keep your favorite comfort foods on hand in individual serving packages. If you love cake, you can buy the single serve microwave packs for a quick and lower calorie alternative to eating a whole slice, or more, of cake when you are upset. You can do the same thing with ice cream or any number of other treats. By allowing yourself the outlet of comfort foods in a controlled manner, you can stay on top of your calorie count even when stressed.

If your online journal comes with a diabetes tracker, it can be used to keep track of any health conditions you may have while you are trying to lose weight. You can track symptoms, mood changes, medications, and the like with your journal, and you won’t even have to go into a separate program to do it. Learning to eat better doesn’t have to mean making yourself miserable or stressed out when you use a journal to stay in control. You can be strong and work diligently toward your health goals, no matter what life throws at you.

Finally, while a calorie tracker can help you control calorie intake and track symptoms and medications, if you have an underlying emotional or mental condition, you may find that treatment can aid in your weight loss. It’s important to remain patient with yourself when you are trying to lose weight and not get discouraged if you have a slip up. If you didn’t meet your goals in one day, you can make it up over the course of a week and still meet your overall goal for the week. Keeping a journal of your food intake can help you lose weight even if you are used to using food as an emotional crutch.