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Concentrate in some Sunshine

Living where there are distinct seasons can be both a blessing and a curse. It is delightful to watch the world awaken in spring. Winter comes with snow, cold, and hard chores. Still life goes on and those tough decisions need to be made.

~ Make a pros and cons list
Any time a decision needs to be made there are at least two sides to the equation. Writing it out and putting it on paper helps to clarify the options.

~ Take some extra time with tough decisions
Often times people who feel overwhelmed make snap decisions. Snap decisions typically turn out poorly. If it is at all possible, ask for a little extra time to give the decision some thought.

~ Get sound advice from reliable sources
If someone needs to know what to eat to be healthy, they should seek the advice of a nutritionist. If someone is ill, seek the advice of a physician. Professional help is always best for professional matters. Personal matters are a little more complicated.

With personal decisions and 2nd or 3rd opinion may be essential. Discernment can be a problem when the involved party is feeling overwhelmed.

~ Break down the issue
It is easier to take apart a problem and look at all the factors before making a decision. Explore possible outcomes. One poor decision can cause a cascade of negative events.

~ Sleep and eat
People often have a hard time making decisions when they are sleep deprived and foggy. Before the final decision ins made, there must be a good meal and some restful sleep. The mind only works as well as the body will allow. It is about controlling the factors that we are able to, even when we are feeling overwhelmed.

~ Consider the source
Who is asking that the decision be made now? Is it someone who can see that one is overwhelmed and may make a mistake they can profit from? Children catch on to this tactic quickly. If Dad is trying to get things under control with a sister and another child flips out a question, they may get that quick yes just to move things along. Dad may not realize what he agreed to until much later.

Tough decisions need to be made when there is time and space enough to make a good decision. Sometimes it is important to just say,”I can not give you an answer now, you will have to wait.” A lost opportunity may come again. A very poor decision probably stays with us much longer.