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Comparison of Nasal Medications used to Treat Allergic Rhinitis

In a few days it will officially be Spring. Outside my window a tree is in full blossom and my sinus feel like there is a clown in my head making animal balloons. My nasal passages no longer function and I am quietly and desperately dealing with my debilitating seasonal allergies. I just purchased a box of Claratin D, which means I have to fill out all of my personal information so that can see if I could possibly be turning this medication into crystal meth. I don’t think I look like someone who could possibly make meth, but apparently they come in all shapes and sizes.

Every day of the week I see a new ad for some kind of medication that is supposed to help me breathe free a clear and my allergies will virtually disappear. I have yet to try one that has worked for me. For the past few months I have been taking Zyrtec thinking that it was working, all the while it was winter when my allergies are relatively easy to subdue. I still take it every day but to no avail. I almost can’t see because my sinuses are swelling into my eye sockets. When I am out in public I sound like a 5 year old with a bad cold. I can’t take myself seriously when I can’t pronounce my Ns or Rs, I don’t know why anyone else would.

I have tried Allegra, Singular, Flonase, Nasonex , etc. and so on. If it has a commercial I have probably tried it. Some medications make me pass out in the middle of the afternoon, and when you have a small child around you cannot afford to lack energy. Other medications make me so hyper that I feel like I could write a free form novel in one day. No Problem. Some make me so dehydrated my lips feel like the surface of Mars cracking. Apparently these medications are getting me “high” so to speak. It makes sense that people use them to make crack.

I have tried repeatedly to ask my doctor for some kind of solution and she, surprisingly, has never once sent me to an allergist or an ENT (ear nose and throat for all you not so med savvy). Are these allergies something I will have to “just deal” with for the rest of my life? The only relief I have found naturally is from a nice long run, but as soon as I stop I am trapped behind my sinuses again.

I seem to be developing claustrophobia inside my own body.