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Common Problems with Gyms

A gym can be a very positive tool to increase your health and ultimately be a cause for you living a longer life. However, to every positive there is a negative and this article will focus on the ten problems that are common in most gyms.

1. The cancellation fees! Bally had some problems a while back with their cancellation issues and many companies will keep you paying the monthly dues even if you cancel. Make sure you look at the contract very close before signing it or you may be committing to something more than you want to.

2. Modesty of the ladies that go there! People go to the gym to exercise, not to look at the body of another woman and there should be some dress requirements at a gym and not just wear whatever you want. They are gyms not nudist colonies!

3. The trainers try to push their service a little too much! Many times, when you go to a gym, you will be given a free trainer service with your membership. However, after that service, they will hound you until you give in to their service or complain, whichever comes first.

4. Not enough equipment! Many gyms only have one of each kind of equipment and that is if they have it at all. The best gyms have two or more of each piece of equipment, but those are usually the more expensive gyms.

5. Long cues at each piece of equipment! Many people just sit at the equipment and talk on their cell phones. There needs to be rules set and enforced that you can only be at one piece of equipment for so long.

6. Price to join! Many gyms charge a bucket of money to use their equipment and trainers are even more expensive.

7. The equipment isn’t labeled well enough to know how to adjust it and what is will help with. Every piece of equipment needs to be labeled as to what part of the body it helps with and how to adjust the seat if necessary.

8. There is not enough equipment! Many gyms have just the bare necessities and not equipment that will help you focus on one major area.

9. No locker space! Quite a few gyms either have no locker space or very little space so a duffel bag wouldn’t fit inside.

10. The gym is too small! Unless you pay big money for a huge fitness club, many of the normal gyms are small and when you are doing your exercise, you are within a foot of someone else and this is not comfortable.

These are just some of the common problems with gyms,