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Common causes of Emotional Turmoil at Christmas

The Christmas season can be one of the most joyful times of the year. There is almost a sense of magic in the air during the season. The sense of wonder with Christmas often brings the child out in most people. Christmas seems to have a mystical feeling that envelopes people in a sense of wonder and awe. There are many people who do not sense the wonder and miss the joy of the season. Sadly, there are those who miss the amazing nature of the season. Christmas is often missed by those who fail to understand the true spirit of Christmas.

Many people are wrapped in a sense of emotional turmoil during the Christmas season and cannot embrace the joy surrounding them. Why would someone willingly miss the joy of Christmas?

For many people, the hurts of the past and the pains of the present are too great for them to genuinely welcome the amazement of Christmas. People choose misery over happiness, despair over delight and distress over contentment. There are some simple reasons that people become emotional during the holiday season.

Emotional turmoil is often rooted in self

During the season of giving it would seem that the concept of selfishness would be diminished but human nature cannot always be denied. Selfishness is not so uncommon during the Christmas season. There will always be reasons why people turn inward and avoid those around them but being focused on self is a major cause. People become consumed with their own problems and issues that others are ignored. Selfishness during the Christmas season seems to stand out more clearly because of the giving spirit of Christmas. Being focused entirely on self during the holidays only makes emotional turmoil worse.

Emotional turmoil flows out of an attitude of receiving

People tend to forget that giving is an extension of ourselves. Some refuse to extend themselves to others during the Christmas season. Emotional isolation does not improve the feelings of inner turmoil. Christmas can become fixed on the gifts and all of the trappings that come with the holiday. The idea that we receive during the Christmas season means that there is a source of giving. It is always more blessed to give than to receive.

Emotional turmoil focuses on the past

The past cannot be altered and it cannot be wiped away. The truth is that the past can either help individuals move forward in life or hold them hostage throughout life. People who become concentrated on the past can never move beyond it. Emotional turmoil is often associated with a difficult or painful event in the past. Christmas seems to draw these events to the surface of the memory. Those who have had a troubled past become concentrated on their troubles and never move beyond them. Those who have had a positive past can become concentrated on the glory days and not embrace the opportunities of the future.

Christmas can sometimes makes these troubles and emotional wounds more evident. Christmas reminds people of their personal losses and often forces some to endure the pains of the past. The longer people are fixated on the pain of the past, the longer it takes to heal. The more people focus on pain causes a delay in the healing. People often allow their personal pain to rob them of the true joy of Christmas. Christmas should be the time when people overcome the turmoil and embrace personal peace.