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Comedy in Schizophrenia

My schizophrenia is stressing me out but it is also hilarious. Whats so funny about schizophrenia with symptoms such as hallucination, delusions, paranoia, and voices? Plenty. As I come to grips with my illness I realize that some of my beliefs were simply delusions. Delusions are a common symptom in schizophrenia. My delusions are quite comical today and give me a good chuckle as I remember what I once believed to be true.

When I was severely sick with my schizophrenia before I knew I had this disease that strikes 1 out of a hundred people, I believed in all sorts of things that simply were not real. They were delusions but I believed them in all earnest. I was a landscaper one summer and I would have to crap behind a tree because there were no bathrooms out in the yards where I worked. Well I believed that people were calling me the “mad crapper.” I even heard it reported on the news. The evening newscaster said, “the mad crapper has struck again behind the trees in northwest D.c.” Everyone knows the mad crapper.

I used to smoke pot when I was younger and it would cause problems with my schizophrenia. One night I smoked so much pot that I believed I was God. As god I ordered all the money in the world to be put in my bank account. I was God. I once heard crows cawing “the son of god, the son of god.” It was real then but now that I realize it was just a symptom of the disease, and its funny to me.

Well my schizophrenia finally got the best of me and I wound up in an adult detention center or jail. Well I believed that I was a world class athlete and people wanted to write stories about me. So I thought that the new inmates coming into jail were really under cover Sports Illustrated writers who got put in jail just to interview me. They broke the law so they could get an interview with me. Makes sense right. Its hilarious now that I look back on it. I also believed that I was the general manager of our local minor league baseball team. I gave the signs and orders to the team as I watched them in the stands. Sure you were.

I have so many comical tales of my disease and where it took me and I am certain that having a sense of humor relieves stress of schizophrenia but also makes life much more enjoyable. Schizophrenia is not always the horror that you think about with the disease it can also be absurd, bizarre and down right funny. Laughing at your disease helps with the stress and we all know that laughter is the best medicine.