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Combat Everyday Sadness

The best way to combat the blues…find peace inside yourself and through your spirituality. First, make sure you are not actually in a depression, rather than just the blues. Signs of depression include but are not limited to, changes in sleep patterns, changes in appetite, feeling on the verge of tears or anger most of the time, losing interest in things you normally enjoy, and thoughts of “why bother?” If any of these things describe your situation, I encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor. It doesn’t have to be a “shrink” because depression doesn’t mean you’re “crazy” if you are denying the situation out of fear of being labeled with a mental problem. Usually depression is more likely caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals or activity. The doctor can give you a survey and talk with you to diagnose depression and will work with you to find the right medication treatment for you. There are many medications out there and the doctor can decide which will work best for your particular situation. Now, once you are being treated with medication, if you truly are dealing with depression, therapy does help. Some people feel intimidated about telling their problems to a stranger, but this is actually one of the best people to tell the problems to because there is no fear of being judged or having other people find out your business like there would be if you told the problems to someone you know. The therapist can help you find out where the trouble lies emotionally and help you work through the emotions. Once you have worked through the emotions, it is easier to find that inner peace I mentioned in the beginning. It may seem silly, but often, the problems that are causing emotional/chemical disturbances in your adult life can date all the way back to your very first negative experience in life. Maybe the first time you felt stupid/used/worthless/ugly/fat/unloved, etc. Those initial feelings of low self worth or self unease tend to grow throughout your life and one day they need to be dealt with so that you can find that you are not any of those things, that you are an individual worth loving for your own reasons. Until you discover this love for yourself, you will not know happiness with any area of your life because you will always have this need for fulfillment. Also, having a strong sense of spirituality will help with that need for peace. Get in touch with it!