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College Fifteentormentorshazing

I assume this title to be about is it feasible for a freshman at college to enter at age 15. I am able to give you a very helpful answer, as I graduated from High School at 15 and proceeded immediately to college. There I found that being fifteen had some very bad disadvntages, and some very good advantages.

FIRST, the disadvantages:

I was the youngest kid in the college; there was one forlorne female who was about my age (a month or two older) but alas! she was interested in slightly older males! In my classes, I was derided by my classmates as “The Kid” though many of them were only 17 or 18. My professors looked upon me as a ‘baby’ and often tended to remind me of my Mom at home, worried that I might suddenly do something terrible because of my low age.

The other thing was ‘competition’ in the world of older teenagers. I could not date older co-eds; so I dated the local town HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS who were my age or near it. That was not satisfactory and I could not save face if I showed up at a dance with a simpering high school sophomore.

The big problem was social behavior. I arrived, fifteen, and had never had a drink in my life. But the campus protocol called for indulging heavily in beer and somewhat in whisky. The campus males went in carloads to a bootlegger in the mountains and there were given a drink of rotgut for 25c or a gallon of rotgut for $2!

The first time I joined my bunch at that bootleggers, the bootlegger refused me: “Yer too young,buster!”

I was in very bad social pain in front of my new friends.

SIZE. I had not the great weight and assurance of the sports fiends of ages 18 and up. What saved me was that I could run fast and often had to from persecuting upper-classmen.

The coach recognized this and I won the cross-country and the 100 yard dash…I had plenty of practice eluding the hazing of the upper-classmen.

On the good side, my professors PROBABLY were more lenient with me as they would have been with a wounded bird fallen from a nest. I was intelligent and came from a family of generations of learning. I began to write creatively and soon was making A’s in my English classes.

There was a high social regard for the college newspaper editors and writers, and somehow I snuck in with a column called, QUICK, HENRY the FIFTH, a combination of an ad for fly-killer, and our study of Shakespeare, and our drinking. The column was very successful, and slowly the older classmen began to ask me for help in their studies, and in studying for exams in particular.

A fraternity pledged me and I became a “brother”. World War II suddenly arrived, and all my tormentors fled immediately to the services; I was forced to wait a year, then followed them.

I came back after three years of very active bomb-dodging, and now I was the right age for the college population. But I was also more mature, and found even those girls and boys my age (I was now 21!) to be less mature and interesting; I flocked to other Ex-GI’s and we formed campus get-together groups.

Now I am 83, to be 84 years old next birthday, and ALL of those happy people who were older than me are now somewhere in the afterlife. God be with them!

SO, finally, as the sole survivor of my original class of 1941, I have that advantage of starting college at fifteen: I have survived my tormentors!