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Clever Ways to keep yourself from getting the Flu

Preventive care for the flu, will only go as far as one mentally will’s it so.
There are many holistic and naturopathic approaches toward gaining the upper hand in your health and “beating the Flu, to the punch”

However, not much of it will work well and thoroughly, if your mind is not whole heartedly and positively working towards your health at the same time. Allowing Optimistic and affirmative energy to flow through your body, while taking the appropriate vitamins is going to be the ultimate approach toward Fighting the flu off, before it starts.

Its so easy to get lost in the Huge mix of brand names and health stores out there, wanting you to buy your supplements from them over the competitor. At the end of the day, the answer lies where your trust leads you. Do a little research online, ask your friends or reach out to your community nutritionist. There are many educated nutritional counselors that are willing to offer you some simple and free advice, to get you started on the right foot to a better and stronger body.

Some basics to take note of are:

Vitamin C really does work, Taking one a day will strengthen your immune system.
Zinc, is a boost to your body, when it is feeling weak.
Any Omega 3, 6 or 9’s fish oil are going to keep you and your energy up, help your body flow and function more smoothly. Further, B12 is an excellent source of energy as well, helps with digestion and your hormones.
All of these are Suggestions, none are definitive answer’s. Everyone’s body is different and Should do their own research before making any decisions on what to take.

One last thing to keep in mind in your prevention. What you put into your body, is what will come out of it.
When your stressed, that will promote negative energy. With negative energy, comes weakness, with weakness, comes sickness.
When you eat, chances are, if its bad for you, it will create “bad” in the body. Giving any illness a chance in taking over. It may seem cliche to say “Eat right and Exercise” is the key. To that cliche I say, “Not for everyone.” Like I stated before, each individual is different, Your body is going to react in its own way to what you do with it. The Idea, is to listen and learn all about yourself. Seek out the Healthy, seek out supplements that will bring you strength. Find ways to ease your stress, relax you and bring you peace.

Get that positive energy flowing and work on an active daily ritual that will fundamentally prevent the flu or any other illness on a regular basis.