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Chronic Inflammation Inflammatory Foods Unhealthy Diet Inflammatory Disease Sources of Pain

Diet, stress, environmental toxins and lack of exercise all promote inflammation. But it’s primarily the food we eat that is the primary cause of inflammation. The body is not meant to sustain itself on a high carbohydrate diet consisting mostly of highly processed foods. The typical diet of many people consists mostly of easily digested food that has little to no nutritional value. Inflammatory foods lead to major rises in blood sugar which requires rapid production of insulin. The chemical additives in many foods find their way into the bloodstream that puts undue stress of the liver and kidneys as they try to get rid of the toxic load. Refined white bread, baked potatoes, pasta, pastries, sweetened juices, chips, fries and colas all promote an inflammatory response.

No one is immune to inflammation. It can strike both young and old. Even if the symptoms are not evident during the younger years, inflammation still occurs though the body is able to handle it. But years of the wrong diet ultimately leads to chronic pain and the ill effects of major diseases. Cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are linked to inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural response of the body. It signals us that something is not right and the body responds by increasing temperature as it tries to eliminate the causes. In healthy people inflammation eventually dissipates as the virus or disease is eliminated. Unfortunately, today’s diet simply overwhelms the body. It is constantly fighting the toxins that are added on a daily basis. Inflammation is the only method the body has to fight disease and restore balance. Unfortunately the wrong diet means chronic pain.

Chronic inflammation creates free radicals that eventually damage the major organs of the body. Free radical damage ages the body faster. In order to prevent inflammation, it’s necessary to get back to the right kind of diet, a diet of low fat, low carbohydrates and high fiber foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fish is not well liked, but should be on the plate of many households. Fresh fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring are excellent sources of heart-healthy omega-3 oils which are severely lacking in most diets.

Unfortunately, most foods consumed today are those on this list:

* Fried foods

* Canned foods with high sugar and sodium

* Marbled meats. Luncheon meats with their nitrites and nitrates

* Fast foods

* Alcohol

* Caffeine

* Sugary and salty snacks, cakes and cookies

* Soft drinks loaded with sugar

* Sweetened fruit juices

While eating produce bought in the store helps a little but they do not contain enough of the essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. These foods come from commercial farms where the land is devoid of nutrients and have been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Fruits are not immune to treatment, particularly those that are eaten with their skins, such as apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries. The best way is avoid pain is to switch to a diet of fresh, organic produce.

Since most food lack essential nutrients it is necessary to supplement to make up the levels the body requires to help fight the diseases and viruses that invade it every day. While your doctor will pay lip service for the need of a good diet and exercise, he often neglect the need for supplementation.

In today’s environment with its pollutants it’s necessary to resort to a detoxifying diet to help the body better eliminate accumulated poisons and reestablish a healthy body and mind balance. This is absolutely necessary as most people simply don’t have a choice in moving away from a toxic environment.

Switching to a healthy diet will prolong a pain free life. But making a complete lifestyle change by quitting the smoking habit, drinking less, getting adequate exercise and sleep will insure that today’s modern diseases won’t reduce your chances of living to healthy old age.