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Christmas 2010 Hottest new Ayurvedic Gifts

Watch the delight on the faces of your Ayurvedic friends and family when they unwrap your special ayurvedic gift to them. They will be pleased that you have spent time and effort in purchasing for them a gift that is personal to their beliefs and lifestyle.

There are many aspects to Ayurveda medicine and it may help if there is a little understanding of the subject to assist in choosing the perfect gift. It is a traditional Indian medicine reputed to date back over thousands of years; the Sanskrit word is based on ‘ayus’ which means long life and ‘veda’ which means science or related knowledge. Its principles are to keep the mind, body and spirit in perfect balance to prevent disease and protect the body from illness. There are guidelines to help the individual practise this ancient art of holistic healing including nutrition and lifestyle.

It is considered an alternative medicine in the western world and to help those interested understand the principles and practise Ayurveda, there is a wide range of products on the market which is wonderful when it comes to helping you choose the appropriate gift.

Hottest new gifts even for an ancient art can mean the latest in modern technology with a wide choice of CDs, CD Roms and DVDs. They demonstrate different yoga based exercises, tell of Indian mythological stories as well as mantras to help focus during periods of meditation.

Reference books are always a wonderful gift and these can range from simple understanding of this ancient art or in more depth. Take into account how long the recipient has been following an Ayurvedic lifestyle. A simple beginner’s book to explain Ayurveda would be welcome for the newcomer whereas a more in-depth almost encyclopaedic volume would be more ideal for those who have been practising the Ayurveda healing over a longer websites to help with your purchase.

Ready made gift sets always make super presents and Ayurvedic gift sets are no exception. They give the recipient the chance to sample several products in one gift. A gift set can contain soap, cosmetics, skincare lotions and potions and food based sets containing several herbal teas and colorful spices enabling you to choose the most appropriate gift set for your friend or family member.

One of the hottest gifts is to go for the ultimate relaxation gift; check out the treatments available at a local Ayurvedic Spa. Many spa centers have prices to suit all budgets and range from simple treatments to a full day session; it sounds wonderfully relaxing, just what is needed after the busy Christmas period. Why not treat yourself to one?

Yoga and meditation play a large part in practising Ayurveda and any related product such as a new yoga mat or jewelry as well as being beautiful is also symbolic. Do a little research and view the range of stunning bracelets, necklaces and beads knowing whatever piece you choose will have a special meaning.

Being aware of the range of ‘hottest new ayurvedic gifts’ available will help you choose the ideal gift and the recipient will be delighted that you have taken the time and trouble when picking their perfect present.